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    Now how about a project, let's call it 'Hydra'.

    'Hydra' is the mythical beast with multiple heads and sets of eyes. What would such a beast do?

    With one central body (governing body), it could use it's nervous system (Internet) to communicate with multiple brains (local jurisdictions) simultaneously. Use it eyes (cameras whether personal, business,public, traffic cams) and ears (anything that has a microphone) to develop situational awareness in any area where 'Hydra' is operating. Then relay that information to all the other brains to develop a plan/strategy to deal with an unfolding event.

    Sound scary? Sound far fetched?

    Have you noticed how increasingly accurate online mapping has become?
    Have you seen the birds eye view or street level views being offered by the bing, mapquest and google?

    Do you think that this technology is being leveraged by powerful entities?

    Well consider this small commercial application (not going to disclose whose). You can select an address in a database (or a location from a map). Within seconds you know who the property owner is, whom the neighbors are, addresses, phone numbers, parcel dimensions, distances to objects, other buildings, and sites of interest or importance. Plus high resolution images.

    Just a generic address in a metro area.







    Now just add in traffic, web, car cams. good mapping technology, shake, stir .. Nanny State with eyes in the back of their heads.

    Current technology is moving so rapidly. This is a multi billion dollar market right now. And you know the ones with the deepest pockets can do way better than what is available to Joe Q Public. When in actuality in the United States it is John Q. Publics' money that is funding it.

    What is the publics money being spent on:
    Getting Geographic data for every piece of property in the United States. The old Meets and Bounds property descriptions are being converted into Degrees Minutes Seconds of Latitude / Longitude. The federal government has given states money to 'Modernize' the ownership of property. Then Data Aggregators slice and dice the information and put it away into databases that can be easily queried. Combine that with other dataset (I'm not saying it has been but do you think they wouldn't) such as DMV records, police / fbi records, credit card purchase information, Medical records and now you have a very powerful tool to know what you might be facing at any given address.

    For every 'Grant' the federal government gives any entity, there are always strings attached, even if we can't readily see them. We will give you back this big wad of cash but you must use it for 'this' and by the way, we want the data too. There is no free lunch.

    How do the American Citizenry allow this to happen. It's easy! All the government has to do is say 'We are protecting you from ______________'. Fill in the blank with the current evil / menacing group or idea. The Sheeple jump on board.

    It's all about the 'Safety of America'. I myself think that it 'for the security of the status quo and safety of the power brokers'.

    How are they doing this to us?
    How about the food safety bill that die due to it being unconstitutional but rose like a phoenix to be passed in the wee hours of a lame duck session while we were worrying about 'Iran Nukes' and 'N. Korean Threats of war'.

    Safety people, it's for your own safety!

    Where can we see evidence of the others saying the same thing? At least about the part about it being for our safety.

    GIS Dynamics | ARGUS

    Geoscopeavs Gis Augmented Video Surveillance

    It's coming people. It's just bits and bytes away. Want to know what the scary part is? There are a lot of really intelligent people working on this. They hardly can comprehend what they are building because each of the companies, universities and research groups are working on little pieces of it. They are very proud of their pieces. The work can stand on it's own as a commercial product or tool for another group. I scarcely think that anyone has asked; Can what I am doing be used for a purpose other than what I intended?

    Only the puppet masters know.

    Now there are flaws with technology. First and foremost, current technology requires electricity . If the solar flares of 2012 do come and disrupt the power grid. We will get a temporary reprieve until the power is restored and the 'Hydra' rolls its heads out again.

    Currently, the entire United States have not been completely digitized. Somewhere north of 120 million property parcels are with commercial data aggregators. As for DMV, police, credit card info, I am going to guess all of them.

    Someone asked what about us poor schmucks east of the Mississippi. Well, all I can say is look for a location in a state with weak or non existent county government. Away from the area that provides municipal services like water and sewerage (live on a well with a septic field) that is rural or has population densities of under 100 residential units per sq. mile. That is where I'd go. You don't need to go out west to find it. It's probably within 75 miles of you right now.

    High quality aerial imagery is expensive , typically paid for by the counties out of the money provided by the federal government to update their tax systems. Overflights with cameras rolling cost the same per square mile. the few people, the harder to justify for the state,county or cities involved.

    So those are my thoughts on something that should be name 'Hydra'. Does it exist? I haven't a clue. But if I can imagine it why couldn't it.

    Just some food for thought.
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    Good points and exactly the reason I used to always try to hide myself under a thin veil of privacy and anonymity. I just about quit because it's enveloped us too far. I can keep my name and face of of Facebook but then my dingbat sister in law can post a picture of Thanksgiving dinner and 'tag' it with my full name. Think about the camera -front and back- on the very phone I carry with me nearly 24 hours a day.

    Now look at the Wal-Mart telescreens with messages to the masses. This is truely straight out of 1984 but worse since our technology is much further along than Orwell could have envisioned.
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    The only way to achieve "anonimity" is to ditch the phone, have no internet at home, and nothing in your personal name coming to your personal address and you drivers license regiested to an alternate address. And then you have to not tell your family where you live, but use a drop box in Dutch Harbor that forwards it to you........Tell them you moved to Dutch Harbor and never take digital pictures.
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    "Someone asked what about us poor schmucks east of the Mississippi. Well, all I can say is look for a location in a state with weak or non existent county government. Away from the area that provides municipal services like water and sewerage (live on a well with a septic field) that is rural or has population densities of under 100 residential units per sq. mile. That is where I'd go. You don't need to go out west to find it. It's probably within 75 miles of you right now."

    Yes, there are such places, but it's apt to take some looking, just as I did in '07 and '08. The "probability" is far less near the larger cities, say NYC or Boston as examples, but there are some. One of the other considerations is getting back away from major highways that lead away from the LARGE population centers; you don't want to be in the paths taken during a mass exodus. Smaller cities present less of a problem getting into the sticks.

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  5. VisuTrac

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    I agree 75 miles might not be far enough from large urban centers. But probably a vast majority of the members/visitors to this site probably fall into the radius.

    The key to have a plan to act upon. Take action when circumstances dictate. Have the resolve to complete the action.

    Anonymity is very difficult as others have stated. Not really feasible for most. Too much information already known about us and our habits. Hiding in plain sight is another option. So is having another persona Conformist/Rebel Syndrome.

    Just remember the most powerful weapon that they can not control is your mind. Unfortunately, that should have a caveat. 'Unless you let them'

    I think the Governmental officials think that they rule us. Unfortunately for them, If we do not cooperate and succumb to their demands, They are nothing with out us. No power,No Money, No Control unless we allow it.

    Sooner or later. Elected officials will fear us, the People. Not the other way around.

    Or we run out of oil and then the government is pretty much screwed. It will be every 'family' for themselves (I use family as a unit of like minded people working together for the good of their unit related or not). At that point the politicians are just leaches on society with no marketable skills, no power, no control. The once omnipotent class will be begging for handouts.

    just some more rambling thoughts of a non-conformist.[js]
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  6. Joseph Thomas

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    For years I would read a lot of sites but never post because of the issue you write about. This year I said the hell with it. I am not going to roll over and die for these fascist one worlder total control freaks. At the same time I am doing my best to get out of the financial web completely so they do not have access to my meager funds. I do want to go totally off grid for power as well as most everything else. But being isolated from like minded folks means that a connection such as this forum is very important. Always remember that the more that the authorities know about you makes it that much easier to push the right panic button that will bring you right into line. It really sucks but we as people can handle it if we use our joined voices and let these SOB's know that all power comes from us, not the other way around.
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    funny there is a PROJECT HYDRA involving special forces transport and comms look into it as well to be had ...
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