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    Okay, I normally do not drink too much coffee, but it doesn't mean I don't appreciate a GOOD, QUALITY cup of "joe".

    I once stopped at a small tire maintenance/gas station in southern Florida on a hot summer day, and it was owned and operated by a family of Cubans. We had a good laugh introducing ourselves, and then they offered me a "coffee". Now, I don't know if you are familiar with Cuban tradition, but the thimble-sized "coffee" which was brought out to me...completely kicked my arse! I mean, it tasted AMAZING, and it was strong enough to make me slightly light-headed. To this day, I still have no idea what was in it.

    Anyway, the next closest thing to Cuban awesomeness, as I call it --would be the Keurig.

    Mr. Coffee® Online Store | Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewing System

    This is the Mr. Coffee version of the single-serve coffee maker, and it is designed to use the Keurig "K-cup". It appears that Mr.Coffee partnered with Keurig to manufacture their own machine with virtually the same technology found in slightly more expensive Keurig machines. The coffee comes out hot and very, very...perfect. It is fast and economical. The K-cups, depending on where you shop, can cost about what comes to maybe .50 cents per cup. Not bad at all. Now, it is true that the "old fashioned" coffee pots (I know, not the campfire and percolator) will brew a POT of coffee rather inexpensively, and they even come in single serve makers, but the flavor, quality, and the time involved just cannot compare to the amazing levels these Keurig machines can bring coffee.
    I generally despise technology when it comes to anything besides pure entertainment. However, in this one case I am willing to make an exception. And maybe one more because I do love to have night vision.
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    it also great for the next morning after to many drinks and you need to get your brain kicked started and do not ask why the pink gator was rideing in back of the hummer that day..
  3. hedger

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    Great Barter Item

    Neither my wife nor I are big coffee drinkers. It does appear that having some coffee available for barter may be smart.
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    Coffee? For Barter? No Way! They can have my coffee after I'm out of bullets, bricks, sticks and the knife is busted off at the hilt. At that point the should probably grab the manual coffee grinder too. I won't be needing it any more.


    But it will probably be gone before they get here. Watch out for that caffeine headache. Makes me cranky ! prolly don't want to show up on that day to visit.
    Just sayin'
  5. CraftyMofo

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    I've got to agree with you on this one, brokor.
    Try the adaptor filter to use your own coffee, it does a heck of a job producing consistent, quick coffee.
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    Yup, I forgot to mention that, thanks! With the adapter, one can easily use their own coffee (I think it should be espresso ground) and save $$$ that way. The adapter costs around $20.

    Yes, this machine really makes good coffee. Like you said,'s consistent and quick, too.
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    Good info.

    I have been rejecting the idea of these machines because I have developed an addiction to Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica and had been unable to locate it in the little packets (I order it in 5lb packs direct from the roaster there).

    I'll have to track down the adaptors, get one and try it on a friend's machine...

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    I have a friend from Jamaica that brings me Blue Mountain beans whenever he goes home to visit his folks. dat real coffee, its da ting
  9. VHestin

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    I thought about getting a Keurig for a while, but here they're too pricey for us and even though I've cut back on my coffee and am no longer downing 2 pots a day, the servings seem to small to me. One of these years might try it though. I do have my own coffee plant, and plenty of dandelions to try making my own blends, especially if I can get some chicory growing here as well.
  10. Valkman

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    We've been using a Keurig for at least a year, and Black Tiger is my favorite.
  11. gunbunny

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  12. Byte

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    We have a more basic version of the Keurig. I really like the Earl Grey tea. Our machine has just 2 cup size buttons. I generally make a large cup and then use the same k-cup to make a small cup. A little weak if I drink it alone but perfect if I run them into the same large mug.

    Drinking a cup as I type this. I sweeten with Organic Blue Agave-Wholesome Sweeteners

    If you've never had it, find some. You won't be sorry. Manufacturer recommended shelf life of 2 years. Makes the most amazing sun tea too.

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  13. VHestin

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    Dandelion roots, when roasted and ground/powdered are a coffee subsitute. Chicory is also used as a coffee substitue. I ordered the coffee plant from Gurney's 2 or 3 years ago(along with a dwarf fig and dwarf banana). Stays in my room where it gets plenty of sunlight and doesn't get below 60degrees, maybe 55 on occassion(Farenheit).
  14. Byte

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  15. beast

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    theres a native holly grows in north america that ive been looking into
    it carries a lot of caffiene, and i mean a lot
    the natives used to make a coffee from it that they used to make them barf
    (something to do with religious ceremonies) part of its name is "vomitus"
    it should grow in most of the USA so we could grow our own coffee
    and i noticed no one added acorns as a coffee substitute
    roasted acorns were a big coffee sub in the Appalachians
  16. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    as far as making coffee, i prefer the old spatterware pot on the edge of my fire or the back of the woodstove
    aint no better brew
  17. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    oops, had the name wrong
    its "Ilex vomitoria"
    you can google it, thats how i found it :)
  18. BAT1

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    Costa Rican coffee is excellent. Mountain grown is always the best.
  19. Hispeedal2

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    Interesting enough, I was reading some George Washington Sears (free NookBook- Woodcraft) recently and he described the way we commonly make coffee as being of Brazilian orient. Percolation, that is. He describes watching the process in Brazil for the first time. It was very interesting. The common American way at the time was what we would probably refer to as "Cowboy Coffee".

    For those interested:
    BARNES & NOBLE | Woodcraft by George Washington Sears | NOOK Book, Paperback

    Anyone else ever have trouble going into Starbucks and ordering a black coffee? It's like your speaking french. I much prefer McDs or Dunkin Ds. There, they know what a black coffee is. 99% of the time, the taste is consistent too.
  20. Wolfgang2000

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    I'll stick with good old "Community Dark roast". That is the toll for any of my friends that come up here. If they don't bring Community coffee, they stay in a motel.
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