Colddddddddd day and a whoops

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    [FONT=Verdana,Arial]Woke up to snow again, it wasn't at midnight yet. I know I got up to travel to the bathroom and looked out the window to see the chicken coop wide open with the light on, gadsssssssssss.
    To top it off the gate to the chicken yard was hooked open.
    Dh had let the chickens run around in the yard and filled their waters and we got so busy with grand daughter and sending things to daughter in AZ for a college class, (she needed all kinds of family info for psychology class). Family traits, blood types, health problems pictures I felt like I had homework lol. So we forgot to close them up.
    I get dressed and am about to go out the bedroom door and dh wakes up to ask what I am doing lol.
    We left the coop open dear and we don't need a chicken massacre.
    I was surprised an enterprising owl hadn't already flown in there.
    I ran out and got the clothes off the clothes line this morning they had a small layer of snow n the top of the clothes but not bad.
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