Colder temps and a power outage

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    Yes, they're both from the kerosene band of fuels derived from crude oil. The biggest difference being that JP-5 (used by the Navy & Marine Corps) has a flash point of 140F, similar to kerosene or diesel fuel. JP-8 (used by the Air Force), however, has a flash point of 100F.

    When I worked for the Navy, at their (now closed) base at Adak, Alaska, we had a US gummint research vessel come into port one day. The engineer of the ship came over to the fuel farm (where I worked), to find out if he could get some diesel fuel from us, to top off his tanks. We informed him that we didn't have regular old fashioned diesel, but instead had downgraded some JP-5 jet fuel that we were using on base, in lieu of diesel (the base was months away from closing, and we weren't going to be receiving any more fuel). The engineer of the ship said that was no good, his was a brand new ship, and that JP-5 would possibly damage the engines on his ship (JP-5 is worlds cleaner burning than diesel fuel, so burns a bit hotter). He then asked if there was anyone else on the island that might have diesel fuel, and my boss told him he could possibly get some from one of the contractors on base.

    Half an hour later, one of the contractor's fuel tankers pulled into the yard, and up to the loading rack (they were allowed to purchase fuel from us, since we were pretty much the only source on the island). Before he started filling the truck, the driver climbed up on top of the truck, popped open one of the inspection hatches, and proceeded to dump two 5-gallon buckets of 90 weight oil in the tank, which we then filled with our downgraded JP-5 "diesel" fuel. They then drove their (properly marked) "diesel" tanker over to the pier where the research vessel was parked, and topped off their tanks!

    Yep....instead of buying JP-5 from us, at <$1/gallon, he bought "diesel" fuel from the contractor, and probably paid $3/gallon. [loco]
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    We had problems running JP-5 in Catapillars and White generators, To dry for the injection pump and would burn one up in a matter of months... So we added Marvel Mystery oil to the fuel, Problem went away.

    I tried out a bit of it in one of my lamps last week, Seems it burns down the wick faster than normal, So perhaps if I add a bit of MM oil I can perhaps find a balance.
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    Heavy sulphur for the pump lubes , Hard to buy , but it's out there , I have 5 gals /life time supply add 4oz to a 45/usgal 128ml/208L barrel .
    As for the wick , must be a hotter fuel or the wick went dry from before .
    My lamps were used 2 months ago ,after a year sit , I did have wick problems , & after a day of use , I recleaned & serviced the round wicks , BIG difference .. Were mostly on Grid power , but slowly solar has got freezers & fridges , plus. The Main 10K & 15K systems will be up next year 2016 .
    So when the power go's out the lamps are lit .
    I always try for that early night , but no kids , YET !!
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