Collapse of the USSR

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    This is excellent. Great presentation on the Collapse of the USSR and the lack of preparations in the US.


    Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am not an expert or a scholar or an activist. I am more of an eye-witness. I watched the Soviet Union collapse, and I have tried to put my observations into a concise message. I will leave it up to you to decide just how urgent a message it is.

    My talk tonight is about the lack of collapse-preparedness here in the United States. I will compare it with the situation in the Soviet Union, prior to its collapse. The rhetorical device I am going to use is the "Collapse Gap" – to go along with the Nuclear Gap, and the Space Gap, and various other superpower gaps that were fashionable during the Cold War.
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    A long, but well worth-it read.

    And I agree with him. We have a LOT in common with pre-collapse USSR, and when we do collapse it will be much worse.
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    Well written, and a good read...

    Thanks melbo....

    I look forward to discussing it with my friends back home when I get there tomorrow......
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    good read thaks...
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    Actually, a certain three letter federal agency did know the USSR was collapsing, their specialists were concerned it would turn into a World War as the Soviets sought to distract the masses.

    Sooooooooo, they needed money,
    S/L's of money.
    but they couldn't go to congress for it, too many members there thought the Soviets were the Cat's Meow.

    Hmmmmm what to do?

    So they arranged for little 'off the books' fundraising, nutt'n they could tell John Q. Public about how they were going to guide the collapse.

    Viola! thus was born the Mena Airport plan.

    Perfect, gave a small segments population what they wanted, and money for bribes without a bunch of traitors looking over their shoulders.
    Down side?
    We got Slickwillie and his shrew, and I suspect the she-devil will be the next president due to the 'protocols'.

    Does anyone think the Democrats would carry Florida after that photo with the JBT holding a SMG on a little boy?

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    Oh what a fun read.......(pure sarcasm). that and the endgame in one day is definitely enough. Never heard of Mr Orlov before but he sure could fit in here really well.... nice clarity and insight. And so that it isn't a complete waste of time, just how could each of us apply his logic ? annie
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