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    Sorry this is a long post but I've put a lot of thought into it and would really like some feedback, thanks.

    I am currently in college and have recently done quite a bit of research on bug out and SHTF preparation, but I haven't found hardly anything that relates to college students. Because I am living in a dorm and my jeep is back home over an hours drive away I am somewhat limited to what I can have, at the moment my BOL is a large state park area surrounding a large lake a few miles from my dorm, this area is low traffic especially in the winter seasons yet many people store boats in the nearby marinas and storage lots which offer lots of supplies for me to use as resources. Just looking around my room(only big enough for a twin size bed, a desk and small dresser) I feel like I have a decent start for a SHTF situation. Many of the things listed may seem a bit macgyver-ish but in a survival situation you've gotta use what you have at hand and be creative.

    Ive got all of my hunting clothing in a plastic containers under my bed, This includes long johns/thermal layers,wool socks, along with an assortment of camo, top layers being field and stream realtree ap hd jacket and overalls/bib. I am confident I can move in these clothes over rough terrain carrying gear and staying warm because I do so while hunting. The camo will help me avoid people I don't want confrontation with as well as hide me from animals i may want to eat.

    Footwear: a pair of field and stream trophy hunter Gore-Tex 800g boots, very comfortable keep my feet warm and dry, I've owned 2 pairs and love em(1st pair would have lasted forever but they got lost while moving)

    -FIRE from growing up hunting, fishing and camping I know how important fire is for warmth, boiling water, cooking and as a morale booster. I have a few disposable BIC lighters, I like these because even if they run out of gas they still spark, along with that I have many cans of AXE body spray laying around my room, for those of you unfamiliar with this stuff it is very flammable, any pyro will tell you that "a lighter+AXE= nice little flame thrower". I also have some cotton stuffed in an empty dip can.

    -fishing poles(2 piece easy to carry)

    -tackle box (its a soft bag with the plastic organizers, still about the size of an average females purse, also have some light tackle such as hooks and fishing line in an empty dip can for lighter carry if I need to ditch my heavier gear)

    -small folding Gerber pocket knife(its a bear griylls, i hate it but its small light and strong w/ serated edge, have other folding knives i prefer but they are at home)

    -large 10.5" Hen and rooster rams horn bowie knife in a sheath (love this knife)

    -pool stick broke off about 4.5' long (in college so I cant have any weapons, my knives are as much as they will allow, campus security wont even allow my bow, the pool stick can be used as a walking stick, a club and i can give it a nice point)

    -Large mesh laundry bag, VERY light weight, can be used to hold items and can make for an awesome fishing net

    -metal water bottle 25oz, always keep it in my mini fridge full of water, and it can be used to boil more water if needed(have a few reusable plastic ones as well to hold clean water)

    -4lb sleeping bag, only rated down to 35 degrees but it doubles as my comforter on my bed

    -first aid, as a wrestler I've learned basically anything can be fixed with athletic tape, from broken fingers to twisted ankles,and keep a bottle of alcohol to clean cuts before I tape em up. Many of you may say I'm skimping out on 1st aid but if I cant fix it with athletic tape and alcohol its not getting fixed. I always have ibuprofen/asprin/tylenol/advil in stock as well. The only medication I take is for ADD, when i run out it wont be that big of a deal, Contact lenses and supplies are also ready to throw in bag.

    Other small misc. items:
    -wires, headphones, aux. cords and such are light, and make for good snares

    -15 or so feet of cord shoved in an empty dip can

    -550 para-cord survival bracelet

    -wrist watch

    -multiple belts(keep my pants up and secure items)

    -wire coat hangers(light, flexible, can be used for anything from securing items, to elevating things over a fire)

    -personal hygiene(toothbrush, hand sanitizer,toilet paper)

    -disposable razors( found they make skinning small game such as squirrels a lot easier and keeps some of the hair off of meat)

    -I have a prepaid phone(broke college kid), I use daily and keep charged, battery lasts surprisingly long, get good signal even in my BOL, if services aint shut down when SHTF

    -pen/pencils along with paper(duh im a college student)

    -Lots of empty dip/snuff cans, my friends and I have collected over 200 of them, not sure why, we just started throwing them in a box, so if you have any other ideas on how i can use them please let me know

    Items I need to get for my dorm:

    -I still need to get a flashlight, most likely get a LED because they last longer than conventional lights and they are blinding if i need to have the upper hand when confronting someone in the dark.

    -At the moment I do not have a very good bag to pack stuff into, if SHTF tonight i would have to dump my school bag and throw my gear in it

    -some way to scale down from the 3rd floor if im somehow locked in?

    -some type of tarp for shelter, if SHTF i guess i could easily snatch one off of a boat

    -zip-ties, i love em and use em for everything, my stash just happens to be in my jeep over an hour away

    I realize this may seem like a lot of stuff(maybe not) but its all compact with the exception of the sleeping bag. You may notice I don't have food listed on here, this is because i just started this prepping project and haven't had the time to acquire any, but I am confident in my hunting, fishing and gathering skills that I can find food not to mention I have cut my share of pounds for wrestling so I know how long my body can go without food and water. PLEASE COMMENT OR REPLY AND GIVE ME FEEDBACK remember this is just what i have at hand in my dorm, any purchases are going to have to be extremely cheap due to the fact im a broke college kid
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  3. college survivalist

    college survivalist College Kid

    thanks for the quick response quigley_sharps, I read through the article and took notes along the way, eager to absorb any information that anyone may have for me
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    Bicycle is a MUST, for you... A FireStick on the side of the Knife Sheath. Since your in College, and in a Dorm, that means your above average intelligence, so you might want to look for a better Comms setup. Something that you can carry, that is SMALL, but able to scan around, and use for gleaning Intel, from your AoO, while your moving to the Jeep. Maybe pursue a Ham License.... Being alone is NOT a great idea, but until you can vett a BUD or Two, OpSec will be your Best Friend. Once you have a BUD or two to work with, then Squad Comms (between You and your BUDs) become a critical component to your movements. Check out An Interesting, SECURE, Comm's Device, for your CN-AoO These are cheaper than dirt, or even bottled water..... The rest can wait till you get to the Jeep, but you had better have a Drum, or two, of fuel, for the Jeep, stashed with it, or it may end up being A LUMP OF STEEL.
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  5. Sapper John

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    Welcome to the Monkey tree,CS.Check out the search feature here at the tree. Lots of good info...
  6. Witch Doctor 01

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    depends on how far you are bugging out to... I agree on the Bike and possibly a bike trailer to move things with.. an alternative would be a rental unit where you could store your vehicle and other equipment... costs may run around $75.00 per month... and allow for more possibilities... for storage/weapons etc...
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  7. CATO

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  8. bfayer

    bfayer Keeper Of The Faith

    I may have read your post wrong, but it sounded like you were planning on making use of other peoples stuff that was stored at or near the park?

    If that is the case, let me make this clear, it is not now or ever OK to take other peoples stuff just because you get there first, and quite frankly a plan like that will most likely get you killed and buried very quickly.

    If I find you or anyone else taking either my or my neighbors stuff, it will not turn out well. I am pretty sure I speak for the majority of the world population when I say that.

    If I missread your original comments, please ignore my rant and carry on :)
  9. college survivalist

    college survivalist College Kid

    I do realize i need to invest in more fire starting gear, and some type of radio communication, buddyin up with some local "good ole boys" would be my best bet ...getting to my jeep would be unrealistic from where I am located even on a bike in a SHTF situation, it is 70-80miles away by road not to mention it would mean moving through high populated areas and the hills of kentucky, with the limited supplies that I do have in my dorm. I do plan on getting my mountain bike on campus asap

    my jeep would be ideal if i could afford to keep it here, its already set up to be a Bug out vehicle
    -4.5in lift
    -33in mud terrain tires
    -smittybuilt bumper(works awesome pushing stuff out of the way)
    -kc lights
    -manual trans so I can start it with dead battery
    -hilift jack
    -ratchet straps and tow straps for winching
    -jerry cans for spare gas
    -extra liquids(oil, tranny fluid, coolant)
    -basic tool set
    -fishing gear
    -cb radio
    -jugs of water
    -hardtop(as you can see in my avi i can strap my small boat or kayaks etc. up there)
    mainly a bunch of stuff I keep in it for offroading and hunting
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  10. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    You seriously need to consider a storage locker not too far from campus. Gathering a large wad of "stuff" in a dorm is not too conducive to opsec. Be VERY careful with vetting a bud. Remember that college "kids" tend to party, and I can think of nothing that loosens tongues faster than an evening's visit to the local watering hole.

    I assume your jeep is at home. You should consider Plan B that lets you not go there in case intel tells you that's a bad idea.

    Go after this all step wise. Plan A comes first--- Right after academics.
  11. college survivalist

    college survivalist College Kid

    @bfayer I think you read my post correctly, I like anyone do not like being stole from and will protect my belongings just as you mentioned you would, I don't want to sound like a low life thief but in an emergency, life or death situation I plan to use what resources I can find, but only in a life or death situation would I ever think about touching another persons belongings and that is if they appear to be abandoned or they are offered to me by the owner. Using other peoples belongings without permission would be my last option after I have stressed every other possible thing in my arsenal
  12. Mindgrinder

    Mindgrinder Karma Pirate Ninja|RIP 12-25-2017

    Wouldn't hurt to go plant some kale, potatoes and strawberries around the lake.
    Got silver?
    Other than that - you seem to have thought it out as well as u can with what u have on hand.

    Good job.
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  13. college survivalist

    college survivalist College Kid

    Thanks for all of the input everyone I'm taking notes as they come in, my main goal in this is to come up with things that college kids have in their dorm room that they could easily pack up and would make short term survival possible if something were to happen, I spend a lot of time out doors and most likely have a few items laying around my room that most college students dont have(knives,fishing gear,hunting clothes,para-cord)

    any other macgyver type ideas similar to the audio cable used as a snare?
    uses for my collection of empty dip cans?
  14. bfayer

    bfayer Keeper Of The Faith

    If its life or death for you, its probably life or death for the owner too.

    What you are talking about is a plan of absolute last resort, your post is about your primary bug out plan.

    Will you kill my kids to steal my boat just because you are hungry? This is where the problem lies with most bug out plans. If you need something that bad, then the owner does too, and the owner will defend their property.

    Your plan is to go somewhere that does not belong to you and live on other peoples stuff. Not a realistic plan. You need to start thinking about the realities of a bug out situation, because that park will be full of people just like you, only most will be better armed.

    Here is a better plan, go find a local farmer, get a job working for him part time, earn his trust, and then ask him if you can stay with them if the SHTF.

    Strength is in numbers and safety is with people you can trust. Not in a park stealing to live.
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  15. college survivalist

    college survivalist College Kid

    you are correct,and you make valid points all the way, I am somewhat new to the survivalist world, and i am taking notes along the way, I may have got a bit off track, this thread was meant to be a just in case, short term survival type deal, It may seem like I am backtracking and trying to take back what I said and thats not the case, I am just learning and from your posts as well as the posts of others I am realizing what will and wont work in a given situation. You wouldn't have to worry about me stealing or harming you or your family, I would be basically unarmed and that would be a stupid attempt on my part, If anything I would scope it out until I felt comfortable and try to confront you in a non threatening manner(otherwise I would probly get shot) and see if I could join you, I may not have much in material to bring to the table but I am another set of eyes and I have mechanical experience and experience in the woods.

    please keep your argument coming you have very valid points
  16. -06

    -06 Monkey+++

    Did not see rope/s. Are you ground floor? Would link up with locals. My son when at WNC had several hunting friends and often spent weekends visiting with them. When in Afghanistan he did similar. Nothing like having friends close by. You would do well to have several travel plans/routes researched. 70-80 miles is a long way on foot with a load. 4 days minimum travel time but with caution--6-7 days. Getting out early might give you an advantage and even a ride if things look threatening.
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  17. bfayer

    bfayer Keeper Of The Faith

    I'm not going to talk gear, but I will talk more about bugging out. This is just one mans view and YMMV.

    Bugging out is only a really good idea when:

    1: You have a secure well stocked location to bug out to.

    2: Your current location is very unsafe and staying there is worse than leaving.

    3. Staying would mean giving up liberty for security to a point that is unacceptable to you.

    I do not know where you go to school, but unless it is in an urban location, a collage campus is probably a pretty good place to bug in.

    Bugging out to a park with no known shelter or supplies is the last thing I would do, if I had a nice dorm to hang out in. A college campus is not going to be significant target for looters. Most buildings are normally brick and multilevel with limited access and good fields of view from the roof or upper floors. In other words very defensible locations.

    If you are in an urban area, well then transfer to a nice small town college :)

    Start a shooting sports club at your college. Partner with a local rod and gun club. Make local connections with like minded people. If they see you as an asset there will be a place for you to go.

    Rent a storage locker just off campus. Buy the ugliest heaviest old ratty couch off Craig's list and stick it in the storage unit with a bunch of useless boxes of junk. Turn the couch into a hiding place for your bug out/in gear. I can guarantee every storage unit will be broken into, but most looters will not be looking for furniture.

    Caching food is a much better plan than hunting and fishing in the short to mid term. The places you want to hunt and fish are the same places all the hungry folks from the area will also be hunting and fishing and they will probably get there first. They will either claim the land, or take or spook all the game.

    Have you ever carried your bug out gear a long distance and tried to sleep out in it in the worst weather your area has to offer? If not do it. I think you will find it is not as easy as it sounds.

    Walking with a load significantly increases your food requirement. You will not be able to carry more then a weeks worth of food at best.

    I am not telling you not to prepare, I am suggesting you spend more time thinking about your plans and less time worrying about your kit. Once you work out a practical plan, then you will know what gear you need.

    I can tell you what other people around my bug out location call people like you: "Mobile shopping centers". Because when you show up on their land to hunt their game, your kit will not stay yours very long.

    Sorry if I come off as a hard ass, I am just trying to be realistic with you.

    Good luck, keep up your studies and remember the most important gear you will ever have is the gray matter between your ears.
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