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    Great articals. Survival tips, food, and how to shoot and so on. I prefer to choose the red laser sight with gun mount and telescope. LOL.
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    Thank you for your kind words.. and BTW...

    X5L (Gen 2) Veridan Green is the way to go if you like lasers... not only does it strobe it's a twofer... also comes with a 154 lumen tachlight.... that also strobes... with that irregular pulse that the dazzlers uses... as for scopes my fave is my Zeiss 4.5-14x50... that puppy rocks... still with all the bells and whistles... with a standard M16 and Iron sites... I put every round in the black on the 500 meter targets...
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    and just how big is that "black", and from what firing position? How long did this string of fire take, and how many shots were needed to get on target? :) Were there witnesses, wind flags? Was there any heat mirage, or up and down hill problems?
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    Back when I joined the Marine Corps... 1977 every recruit was issued an M16 A1... back then part of your qualification with said weapon was the 500 meter long range fire... a man sized silhouette... I still have my old shooting book somewhere...

    this is training every Marine goes through.... just ask any vet... he'll tell ya...
    the old A1's were zeroed at 150 meters... the rear site could flip up and that site was set to 500 meters... Nowadays the flip on rear sight on an A2 is to comp for gas mask or night fire....The M4 is only good out to 300 meters so no long range for that gun....we fired kneeling and prone... as for witnesses yes lots of them... my entire company, but it was no big deal as we were all shooting...for score... that was recorded and went into our offical SRB... as for up and down hill...
    we all know point of aim changes with grade... meaning you your bullet will always hit high of point of aim.... but I never really understood why that is?

    Keep in mind that the Marines are well known for training the best marksmen in the world... just look at two of our most infamous members... Charles Whitman.. a former Marine who killed 16 people and wounded 32 others during a shooting rampage... not to bad for a Remington 700 6mm bolt-action hunting rifle with a 4x Leupold Scope

    Lets not forget yet another well known former Marine... Lee Harvey Oswald... in 8 seconds with a crappy bolt action rifle he managed to get off three shots two of them killed JFK also wounding Governor John Connolly and a bystander...

    Might not be the best example but it does go to show you what a motivated well trained Marine can do with a rifle...
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    The Army was a lot more realistic, a bit of practice at 500 yds but no shots for qualifications were beyond 300 m, and if you hit every torso at 150 yds and less, you qualified, HUGE torso and head targets, too. No, you can't add 350 yds of range just by flipping up the other wing of the rear sight. It adds at most 100 yds of zero-range.
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    Yeah, you were in the Army like you are an IPSC competitive shooter.
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    Google for IPSC and The Columbia Conference. Look on the IPSC charter for my name, dip. I volunteered for Nam in the fall of 1971. got an Article 15 for having a 1911 and Colt .22 unit with me during MP training at fort garbage, GA. they didn't find my Llama 380, tho. :) Actually, they didn't find the Colt .45 either, but they WOULD have found the 380 the next morning, with police call around the barracks, and I figured that the match 1911 would go over better with the CO than the pocket auto would, so I surrendered the 1911 and then recovered the Llama later.
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    Felons are not allowed to possess or own firearms. Lies, one and all. Scurry off, little cockroach.
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    thanks for the assist... but...

    The more he talked the more he dug his own grave... it's pretty common knowledge the up until 1985 all branches of the military, Army, Marines Navy... probably the Air Force too... had to qualify at 500 meters with the old A1's... that didnt change until the introduction of the M4... originally known as the CARR 15... Most of us old salts pitched a fit when they said we'd be swapping to the M4... I managed to get an A2 as my issued weapon and hung onto that until I retired the first time in 1999... when I was recalled to active duty right after 9/11 Then made me qualify with an M4... didnt hate it as much and I thought I would... of course by then my MOS didnt require me to carry it into battle either... if it had I might have had to try to get my hands on an EBR

    he would have known that if he was an 11 bravo back in 71...

    beside every vet here knows if he got caught with a unauthorized side arm while at AIT they wouldn't give him an "Article 15." Captains Mast... his happy butt would still be sitting in Leavenworth.

    Yeah I know Army terminology... my youngest son is doing Split ops right now as a 92 Yankee up in KC with the 89th SUS.BDE ... yeah I'm a proud papa... and damn glad he's not an 11 Brovo
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    Oh, it had nothing to do with assisting any one person. Not that I would not come to any monkey's aid. I have a very deep, personal dislike for that troll and delight in tormenting him.
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    The hell of it is, he/she/it doesn't even feel the pin pricks and hammers of torment. If he did, I imagine an attempt at factual stuff would spew forth instead of another ration of drivel and baseless, meaningless assertions.

    This kind of refusal to learn is a characteristic of narcissism, if I remember rightly. "I'm right, it's the rest of the world that sucks sand." I'm thinking NPD.
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    Regarging teeter-

    as a former eleven bang bang Sand Hill - Ft Benning to you.. we fired up to 600M 556 and 800M 762 . These guys already handled you I dont want your Ft Livingroom, storytelling BS claiming US Army Infantry
    I was with A Co. 2/502 101 Airborne Division 1st Platoon Weapons Squad Gun 2 "Betty" thanks to all that served and serving.... Alpha Gators!

    14BP out
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    Pleasure to meet another brother in arms...

    man we sure do speak funny dont we...

    I wasn't an 0311 for long , swapped MOS's when I re-upped...but when I was busting a hump I was Kilo Co, 3bn 5th stationed up on the hill at Margaritaville...Before I left the Corps I had 6 hash's on my sleeve She-it

    translated that means Camp Pendleton... well for my first 4 anyway
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    I remember some of my Marine buddies telling about the 500M qualification. I have to think that you guys had better ammo and maybe rifles too. The POS I qual'd with at Ft. Knox was not only a jamamatic, but was barely accurate enough to hit the 300M targets, which were the max range wa had in 74'. I detested the M16 for decades.

    Prior to my enlistment I used to shoot a couple of hours every weekend with my 03' Springfield. I got spoiled by an accurate powerful weapon.

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    Thanks GPD. I am running my ten y/o grandson thru some of these very same basics and this was a good refresher for me also.
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    A real problem with any rifle used in basic training is the ignorance of officers and NCOs when it comes to protecting the lands at the muzzle... prior to the M16, the M1 and M14 bores had to be cleaned from the muzzle, and ( carried both in the early 1960s) I never heard one word about the subject... never saw a bore guide, and watched in dismay the enthusiastic jamming and wiggling of steel rods belling rifle muzzles after a day at the range. I knew better and tried to center the rod with my fingers, but I wasn't the first to have been issued any particular M1 ( I was when the M14 came out in a test bunch in 1964, brand new smelly cosmolene, to test Joe the Average Grunt using the full-auto capability in offhand, kneeling and prone positions; overall tests resulted in most M14s being divested of their full-auto capability ! ).

    The same rifles used for qual are the same ones used as tentpeg hammers and obstacle course crutches, so Camp Perry scores are seldom recorded at training sites !
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