Resource Communications 9 PDF eBooks (.zip file) 2018-08-19

A Zipped File Of 9 Resources, Regarding Communications

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    Communications PDF eBooks (.zip file) - A Zipped File Of 9 Resources, Regarding Communications

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    Looking over your Comms books, I see your 'Electromagnetic Pulse and the Radio Amateur' and it made me think of a conversation I had recently with a friend. He asked, "What will happen to your gun safe if we have an EMP event?" My safe holds not only my guns but lots of other valuables (cash, radios, etc.)… It's a good safe, a Liberty, and the lock is suppose to be EMP resistant but...but I guess we will find out. I do wish I got a key lock on it but that also has a downside...
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    It's an electronic lock? No key bypass? My safes here, all have keypads. But, they also have a key to bypass the electronics, if they fail.
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    Bought mine, a Canon, back in the mid 80s. It' just a mechanical combination lock. Had two burglaries right after I purchased it. No stolen guns, cameras, cash, etc.

    They did get my VCR
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