COMPLETE Bug Out Bag List - Everything you need if SHTF

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by maleaco, Mar 18, 2012.

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    Here's a Bump..

    I am going through my winter bag that sit's in my truck for the what if's as well as getting the presumed gear that may be needed in the truck for winter travel.. Well, I am reviewing BOB bag suggestions and reading this thread I remembered the adage ounces equals pounds and of the NOLS book and it's suggestions for packing for an wilderness outing.. I would recommend others pick up their publications as some of us, as some have commented on, are no longer the young stud we had been many moons ago..
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    I'm an old fart with bad knees.

    My bug out bag looks like this


    Nice part is the thermostat controlled the tent.
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    One of my points are that conditions for bugging out are not guaranteed to be casual .
    I am in an area that sees little in weather changes normally, but on occasion things can be rather fearful with heavy winds and farce lightening and forceful rain . You're not putting tent up in this weather , and if any thing taking it down if it was up, just so you don't loose it in the wind. Attempting to hide behind a tree might be big mistake. not that a culvert is any safer proposition .
    Many of you expect to "make do" and multi tool to lighten the load.
    Toy shovels are good for casual situations not for emergencies . What most of us plan for is the catastrophe ,worst case scenario.
    Are you prepared to dig your car out of deep snow with a toy shovel ? try doing it.
    Preparedness is having the where-with-all to face a potential threat with an equally capable resistance . otherwise you're not prepared sufficiently .
    A days worth of food does not last a month.
    A BB gun is not reasonable defense against a bear.
    A toy shovel does not work sufficiently against a small fire out of control ,the way a fun size shovel can.
    A real full size saw works best to clear a tree across a road ( your only escape route) than a SAK .
    I have been in enough desperate situations to realize the value of good tools .
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