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    Our principal engineer at work, has recently gotten samples of concrete canvass to be used on a scour preventing shore-line stabilization project and I was looking at the web-site of the company that manufactures this product and saw considerable applications that may be useful. I remember seeing a thread about one of these inflatable concrete structures a while back on SM. Here's a link to them. Concrete Canvas Shelters - Rapidly deployable hardened structures
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    here's a video
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  5. Yard Dart

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    This is a very cool concept for an emergency structure with a 10-year life span. You could install one of these on your bug-out land very quickly in leiu of the time it takes to construct a wood structure. Has anyone priced up one of these- if so what range do they run in cost?
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    I love concrete one of my favorite materials this is so neat. I wonder if the operational life is limited simply because of the fiber that makes up the material would additional layers of concrete increase the life span can you make changes to the structure IE. windows to let in additional light? Lots of questions will have to see if I can find the answers.
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    I would assume that due to the mesh being fairly thin that it would break down in the weather over the life of the product. You could probably add a skim coat of concrete to extend the life or stuco to help with protection from the elements. If you cut in windows or a large sky light it may affect the structural intergrity. If it would hold up to cutting, a simple concrete blade could do cut outs easily for a tubular sky light (see link) which would give you the natural light and the ability to add a LED light kit to it for night time use. I personnaly would not put in windows just for the extra security at ground level.
    Solatube Daylighting System and Tubular Daylighting Devices for residential or commercial daylighting and sunlighting needs are the smart, green and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional skylights
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    I too, was looking for a price tag. Doesn't matter how quick and easy, if you can't afford it. I could see this as a very quick and easy hunting cabin, where i would not need to worry about easy break-ins, and gear gone or destroyed. Pick up an S.O.S. solar power generator in a box (to be laid out on the roofline) and drill and caulk a few small holes, and you have power, lights, weather tight. SOS in a Box rolls out the solar power when you really need it
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    I read elsewhere that they run in the $25k-$30k range, so a bit out of my price range. I love the idea, I think for a disaster response the cost can be justified for longevity and ease of transporting to the scene compared to tents or trailers, but as far as an individual it seems money can be better spent.
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    What do you think of these as disaster shelters? Reaction system promises versatile, cost effective emergency housing
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    Now those I like for disasters in 1st world countries. A tornado goes through an area, these could be set up in a high school parking lot within a day. Get the area cleared enough to safely return home and slap 3 together in everyone's front yard to live in while their house is rebuilt. They can live on their own property, keeping a neighborhood together would decrease looting while helping each other cope with what has happened. Try to combine the "you're on your own" mentality of the Civil Defense days with the "we're coming to help you" FEMA mentality. A "we will give you a hand doing it yourself" type deal. Houses get rebuilt and a flat bed comes through and collects the units. The people return to normal life, hopefully with a new sense of community.

    The shortfalls that I think Concrete Canvass covers though is versatility. Reaction units are for living only. You could not make a mess hall or triage center out of them. A place where insurance companies and contractors aren't on their way would need a more long-term solution. I think in Haiti or Malaysia Concrete Canvass is the way to go. Places like the US or Japan would probably be better served by the Reaction units. Obviously this is all in our current pre-SHTF situation.
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    If I was needing emergency shelter, I'd be happy as a clam in just a shipping container. Since we export so little, we have surpluses of them in the USA.


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