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    I can't say that I am at all pleased or satisfied with the results of the election 2012. I am not near as dissatisfied as one whole bunch of welfare recipients are going to be.
    Consequences; be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. Can anyone say KARMA?
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    Blacks Will be Hurt the Most by Election Results

    Once again, Blacks voted for Obama in “mass quantities.” Some put the number at 95 percent, although I’ve seen a number around 92 percent. The Black vote in the Philadelphia wards was off the charts. One article carried this headline, “Vote was astronomical for Obama in some Philadelphia wards,” even though another article reported in September of this year that “Poverty rose significantly in Philadelphia and its surrounding counties over the last two years, while the city’s median household income in 2011 ranked second-worst among the nation’s 25 largest cities.”
    These areas are deeply affected by policies that are championed by the Democrats. Have the majority of blacks benefited by decades of calls for more poverty programs and and wealth transfer incentives? When you have time, read the article “Philadelphia’s Poverty Problem” that was published online in PhillyMag in 2010. It’s heart wrenching:

    More than a third of the city’s kids don’t graduate from high school . . . . Sixty percent of the city’s children are born out of wedlock. A third grow up in poverty. Philadelphia, recent stats say, is America’s poorest big city.
    Which hurts all of us. Consider the problems just on a practical level: It’s tough to attract new business to the city when so much of it is dangerous, when we lack an educated workforce. We lose out on tax revenue. We end up spending more — billions more — on prisons and services trying to resurrect our poorest people than we would in tackling some of their problems head-on.

    No doubt some Blacks break free from the conditions that they were born into, as the above article points out. They beat some very bad odds, but they are expected to stay with the liberal insistence that a strong central government managed by caring political party is their way out of poverty, and woe to any “minority” who says otherwise. Black and Brown people who support Republicans are said to be “window dressing.” Remember how Stacey Dash was savaged by blacks for her support of Mitt Romney? Consider these comments by Joy-Ann Reid, an on-air contributor at MSNBC:
    They just think they need to put more window dressing on it, and find some more black and brown people to say the exact same things they believe. They don’t believe they need to change their positions on issues. They just believe they need to change the decoration.​
    Of course, Blacks aren’t the only ones who have travel “the road to serfdom.” There are a lot of poor Whites who are content to take confiscated money from taxpayers in the name of “fairness” or some contrived “social justice” narrative. Some people are content to go through life as wards of the State and they vote accordingly.

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    The biggest single voting block that conservatives will need to attract is hispanic. Second is female. I firmly believe that blacks will come around on their own, not soon, but eventually. There are more and more Cosbys coming along.
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    Too little, too late. There will be a meltdown or revolution before the next Presidential election.
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    You got it right Tac, Too many things headed on a slide to a flaming,tumbling,loud crash in the very pit of hell. I think we have lost what little control over events we might have had.The globalist will be emboldened. Dark days sooner than later.jmo
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    2008 could gave been an aberration, toying with fascism for the novelty and then get back to real American ideals. I doubted it then but had a glimmer of hope it was an anomaly. 2012 confirms we are hell bent on self-destruction.

    The current rumblings about fixing the fiscal cliff are mete drops in the buck of deficits. Obama has been more divisive than any prior President. There are no solutions in the works, only more blame, penalties and spending.
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    The meltdown is irreversable with Obummer at the helm. I would have it sooner rather than later. It would be nice at this point if the Republicans just vote present or abstain and let the Demoncrats and Obummer drive the bus off the cliff. The sooner we hit bottom and make all the takers see who was at fault we can start to rebuild. Rough times ahead. No way around it. Let's get it over with.
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    My favorite writer/consultant/philosopher, etc. is Peter F. Drucker. He was widely acknowledged as the Dean of Management minds in the 20th century. He coined the phrase and codified (for General Motors) Management By Objectives.

    One of his profound observations is that both businesses and societies are repeatedly "blind-sided" by the elephant in the room---demographic changes. We practically swim in the same ocean daily but we fail to pay adequate attention to the consequences of the shifts in demographics.

    Democrats did not miss the shift as badly as did Republicans, because the primary shifts were occurring within groups they already cater to--such as the Latino voters.

    The failure to better educate voters about economic issues and to better reach out to minority groups, such as Latino's--who live their daily lives more conservatively than most parts of the Democrat coalition--cost Republicans, and the entire USA big time! And we are going to be dealing with the negative consequences for decades. For some of us older guys, that means the rest of our lives.

    I'm not real happy with what passes for political leadership within the Republican party right now. I'd feel a lot better if Republicans could decisively and regularly display that they can win important elections on a regular basis!
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    The first problem is motivating the uneducated to learn. Not an easy thing when they can exist on freebies. (The hidden message is clear there, no?) But yes, the elephant failed to catch on to the hispanic and female blocks, dropped the ball in both areas.
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    Oh, man. I have four more years of listening to Tac complain. What did I do to deserve this? WHY??? :cry:

    Just admit it, T. Mr. Soetoro gives you purpose in life. It would be so boring without him! :p
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    Okay, I'll concentrate on Lincoln instead. He started this crap. Quite frankly, I don't think we got 4 years.
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    This post is for Brokor, .... he should enjoy it. It is bipartisan and names no presidents.
    This came to me in an email. The author would be considered in the rich 1%. Actually at this point in time, I fully agree with him.
    Why I don't vote... and you shouldn't either

    The reason I don't vote (and you shouldn't either) is…

    Our current system of governance is nothing more than tyranny, and it's on track to destroy our country.
    Like Doug says, asking me to vote is like four wolves sitting around the table asking the sheep what he'd like for dinner. It certainly doesn't matter what the sheep says. Asking me to participate in this charade won't bring it any legitimacy; it will only make me party to the fraud. Asking me to vote is like asking a free man to put himself willingly into bondage. It's insulting.

    And when I say that my vote doesn't count, I don't mean no one will count it. I mean that, given the structure of our tax laws, there's no way my voice will possibly matter.

    I currently spend about 50 times more on federal taxes than the median taxpayer. I pay a rate of federal tax that's more than double the average.

    The 14th Amendment supposedly protects me against this kind of inequity. It promises me the "equal protection" of the laws and says the state can't deprive me of my property without due process. But the last time there was a dispute about my taxes, the state seized every penny of my assets it could find. It took my checking account and my brokerage account without even bothering to tell me. It moved to put a lien on my house. I found out what was happening via a letter from Bank of America.

    The IRS offered me no due process. It didn't even notify me.

    And I certainly enjoy no equal protection. Just look at the rate and amounts I pay compared with more than 90% of other people in this country. (By the way, the matter was resolved after about six months. Turns out, the state owed me $2,000 in refunds. They declined to pay me, citing the statute of limitations. True story.)

    It is impossible for me to peacefully object to this kind of tyranny. Even if I were to give up my citizenship and leave the country, I would be forced to pay an exit tax that's roughly equal to the death tax my heirs will be forced to pay on my estate. These are the same kind of laws, by the way, that kept a generation of people locked behind the Iron Curtain. Leaving meant giving up all of your wealth. I can't possibly vote my way out of this situation. I can't peacefully object. I can't exit. Nor can I petition the courts for redress, as the Supreme Court has specifically ruled that the Bill of Rights doesn't apply to revenue matters. (See Lehnhausen v. Lake Shore Auto Parts Co… a 9-0 decision.)

    I understand no one will feel sorry for me. The vast majority of folks will continue to vote. And what they'll vote for is more and more of my wallet. They are the proverbial wolves. And I am the proverbial sheep. When the sheep complains, the wolves just laugh.

    That's fine with me… I will get the last laugh.

    You see, this system will inevitably lead to more and more government, higher and higher taxes, and bigger and bigger deficits. This system will eventually destroy our country, just as abuses like these have destroyed every democracy in history. Along the way, with a very small intellectual advantage, I will earn far more from various non-reported speculations (gold, silver, foreign real estate, etc.) than the government will be able to tax. The sheep may be shorn… but he will not be eaten. The wolves, meanwhile, will soon be feeding on each other.

    This kind of progressive tax structure, where a tiny fraction of the population pays for essentially all of the government's spending, creates the illusion that the government and its services are free. Our system is a lie. The lie is that you can live at the expense of your neighbor.

    Yes, it sure seems true right now. Today, about 10% of the population pays for roughly 75% of all income taxes. Looks like everything is working out the way the voters want… They want more government services… They want free "Obama phones"… and EBT cards that can purchase luxury items and booze… and discounted housing… and cheap mortgages… and free education… and free health care…

    They want it all. And they will vote for it every time. More and more.

    By 2011, 49.1% of American households received some form of direct benefits from the federal government. As a result, more than 60% of Americans now receive more benefits from the federal government than they pay in taxes.

    Folks who are the recipients of this largesse have developed sophisticated arguments to explain why this is "fair" and "right." But the truth is, it doesn't really matter what they say. In a democracy, every argument about what's legal eventually comes down to the ballot box. And there's no way the 10% who have to pay can compete with the 90% who don't when it comes to a vote.

    And so… since 1960, the average federal tax burden per family in the U.S. has soared. In real dollars (indexed to 2011), the tax burden in America has gone from $11,500 per household to almost $25,000 annually. Just ask yourself this question… how can the median household, which earned $50,000 in 2011, afford to spend half its income on taxes? Obviously, it can't. And by having sharply progressive taxation, it doesn't have to… at least on paper. We'll come back to this in a minute.

    First… even though the mob can clearly vote itself whatever tax structure it wants… the tax burden is now painful enough to seriously harm the economy. That is, even though the political feedback loop is broken (the majority of voters don't have to pay the taxes, so there's nothing to stop them), the economic feedback loop can't be subverted. So the government has begun borrowing enormous amounts in order to satisfy the demands of the mob. Specifically, the federal government is now spending $3.5 trillion a year. Income taxes only raise $1.1 trillion a year. Thus, even if you doubled income taxes, we'd still run a deficit every year.

    My friends… that's pure insanity. That's why every time there's a committee of one kind or another that's tasked with solving our government's giant fiscal problems, it always comes back with nothing. No one in Washington wants to admit how much trouble we're in. There's no way to fix the system. The hole is far, far too big.

    No government can survive long when it spends more than twice what it collects in tax revenue. Not even when it holds the world's reserve currency and has the world's most powerful armed forces. Just ask the Romans.

    Yes, I know, the feds also collect about $250 billion in corporate taxes, but that doesn't change the math in any material way. And yes, I know all about the payroll taxes that support Medicare and Social Security. But you can't count those funds against the current spending because all that money ought to be going toward the future obligations of those programs.

    The problem is that our political process – where the masses are allowed to vote themselves nearly unlimited benefits – masks the underlying economics. While any given individual might not have to suffer these burdens, everyone lives within the same economic sphere. We, as a nation, have a limited amount of economic power. We have a limited amount of opportunity. We have a limited about of credit (believe it or not). And right now, the government is taking up a huge amount of these economic assets, an amount that can't possibly be sustained.

    We are now spending $6.3 trillion a year on government at every level. That's $55,000 per household in the U.S. In other words, if we all paid equally for the burden of government on a per-household basis, the average household would owe the government more than 100% of what it brings in.

    Obviously, if everyone had to pay these taxes… if everyone had to share equally in the burden of the government… then none of this spending would have happened. None of these debts would have accrued. And we would have never ended up in this position.

    Politics masks these costs for the individual, who believes he won't have to pay. He thinks he can simply vote… and make people like me pay. But what he doesn't understand – and never will – is that the politics can't change economics.

    Our economy can't afford our government. Our economy can't afford these debts – or even the debt service at any legitimate interest rate.

    At some point very soon, this economic reality will overwhelm the political charade.

    That's why I don't vote.
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    Tac: I think someone gave you tic-tacs that are actually some sort of drug. You aren't going to change the world on the internet. I think it might be time for a camping trip.
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    Could you be a bit more specific as to exactly what you take umbidge with. My politics? View of the world? No fan of Democrats or the kenyan Usurper president? That I personally am no fan of beer? Or what?
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    Gov.Jindal just might sign it.Gov.perry would run and hide out of fear it would anger the Austin libs.Put a wig on him and you have the reincarnation of Gov.Richards.
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    30 of the 50 US governers are Republicans. In fact 17 states have 100% republican control of state congress. While only 15 are 100% controlled by democrates. Whats more, Republicans control 67 out of the 100 state branches available. If you look at the house of representatives the republicans control that too. The only thing democrates have are the executive branch and the senate. Republicans control Local, State, and Small governmet. Democrates have the senate and the presidency. The majority of political clout still sits with the republican party.
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    Total gridlock only postpones the collapse. Do you realy expect 2014 or 2016 to be different, to actually reverse things? How so when the takers outnumber the makers. We are doomed. Lets just get it over with.
    Seccession is the only peaceful out that I see. Revolution will only happen if and when things go totally fubar, and Lord Obummer tries Nationwide Martial law.
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    I'm with you about just letting it happen and get it over with. If we make it to the 2016 elections you can bet that Hitlery will run for president and the morons in this country will elect her twice for 8 more years of socialist empire building.
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    Tac- so who write that article?

    Unless i missed it...

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