Cool mini rod & reel for the survival kit. By Coleman

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Blackjack, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Blackjack

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    I saw a commercial for this on tv and looked it up. Probably doesn't work very well, and certainly is no real replacement for a good rig, but it would do in a pinch, and would fit nicely in a BOB. Here's the link..

    Throw in some hooks, splitshot, a few floats and you've got yourself a nice little survival fishing kit in a small package. Of course, then you need bait, so I'd throw in some small lures which work well with a small rig like this. Roostertails, Rebel Crickhoppers (my fav), Rebel Tadfry, maybe some very small jigs.

    Of course, some of the best bait is found right on the bank of the pond your fishing at. The weeds always give up grasshoppers and other insects that the fish love, and turning over a few rocks can usually get you some worms of some type. Sometimes it's pretty easy to catch some minnows or fry in the shallows... or tadpoles.
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    I don't know about the bait, the other day I was catching them on the hook alone b::
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    I bought one of the "Pen" fishing rods/reels just recently, but haven't tried it out yet. It wasn't marketted as a "Coleman" product.

    I had a friend of mine, who is into fishing in a big way, take a look at it. He said that it looks "decent" for a toss-in-the-bag, emergency-type gadget. I already had some hooks and monofilament, and it's all nicely packaged and stored in my Bug-out-Trailer.
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    I was just looking for a small compact fishing setup for survival bag and came across this. Looks tuff enough to hold up.
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    It looks ok to me. Think I'd rather have a full-sized take down rod, though, if I had the room.
  6. vegasrandall

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    go to the website called and buy a good sized length of seine netting for your survival doesn't weigh a lot and it will catch fish,they have a huge selection of sizes and also carry fishing supplies
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    I do a bunch of trailer camping in the summer. I use a few light action ice fishing poles with spinning reels. They are small enough to store easily and they are strong enough to bring in a good sized fish. I caught a 22" pike and many 12-20" bass on them. I can get decent casting distance with a lure and have trolled with them also.

    They're not as small as the pen, but they have all the function of a full sized rod.
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  9. monkeyman

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    I used to have rod and rel for my emergency kit but decided it wasnt worth the weight/space. I go fishing and come home empty handed to often when the fish arent hungry. I prefer to have a larger supply of hooks and cord for trout lines.limb lines that can fish for me while I gather fire wood, set up a camp etc. I do keep that in my BOB stil but also for any actual survival type situations I have a section of gill net about 5'x20' that rolls up to be slightly larger than a coke can. My dad used to have the lisences and we did some 'comercial' fishing with nets on the river and even when with rod and reel and trout lines going for a couple days wouldnt get a single bite the nets would generaly produce at LEAST a couple hundred pounds of 'trash fish' like carp and gar and drum with at least some catfish. I like drum and cats anyhow but ifsurviving then gar and carp look prety good as well. The net could also be put across rabbit trails and such to catch small game or near bery bushes or something to catch birds and takes less space/weight than most colapsable poles with reels.

    Another idea I had sen and like better than most of the colapsable rods for a BOB is to just get a decent reel and carry it and the hooks/line/etc and 3-4 eye screws then if you need to fish you cut a willow or cane pole and put the eye screws in it, lash the rel on and you have a sturdy pole with reel and if it breaks you cut another. When done just unlash the reel and unscrew the eye screws and repack them. The eye screws can also be helpful at ties in setting up say a canopy or some such with a tarp and cord or clothes lines or whatever. While not to good for casting and such, you can also use 2 extra eye screws by the lower end to wrap the line on and skip the reel to save weight/space.

    To each their own, I just come up with to much stuff to put in a bag thats supposed to be able to sustain me in an unknown situation for an undetermined amount of time so get a bit stingy with the space/weight on a lot of stuff and at least for me a rod and reel dont pass muster UNLESS its for a planned recreational trip.
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