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    This week only from 8-14-03 to 8-18-03
    Corporate Survival - The Zombie Apocalypse is the second book in a series depicting the ongoing battle between survival and extinction after the collapse of the United States Government.
    The series allows you to follow along with a group of like-minded people who have joined together to form a corporation for their mutual survival.
    Unlike other nations that have collapsed in the past, the United States was different in one major way - over half of the population was dependent upon their government.
    Small family farms were all but extinct, giving way to Big Agra, leaving just three days of food in the pipeline for over three hundred million people.
    After the collapse of the Government, the “Free Shit Army” turned on their masters. Tens of millions of people found out that they were unable to provide for themselves after generations of dependency. When the welfare and handouts stopped, the FSA fled the inner cities, laying siege on those who were prepared and self-sufficient.
    Their hunger drove them like a swarm of locusts, laying waste to the countryside, devouring everything - leaving nothing in their wake - not even the dead.
    Their overwhelming numbers, combined with desperation to feed, proved too much for even the most hardened Prepper and it was only a matter of time before the Zombie Army reached the Compound at SURVinc.

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    Link: Corporate Survival - The Zombie Apocalypse eBook: C.T. Horner: Kindle Store
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    I bought the book after looking it up on Amazon. It is now available for free for a limited time. I read the first few chapters and have to say, so far I am impressed. The writing is very fluid. The storyline progresses nicely. I went back and looked up the first in the series and bought it also. I am going to suspend reading the second and read the first in the series before going back to it. I will post a full review when I finish each.
    For those who like survival fiction I would say hurry and get this one while it is available for free!!!
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    If there's a moment in the book where a guy in camouflage spooks a native and gets killed because of it, we're gonna have problems. :p

    Looks cool.
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    erm, @C.T.Horner I see that you are the author of said publication.
    yes I see that it is free but your link also included encoding that will over ride the Survival Monkey affiliate identity cookie that may lead to your cookie possibly siphon affiliate sales from our group.

    This was probably not intentional, but if you want to advertise a product/service/etc.
    You will need to run this past @melbo or one of the @Moderators

    Thanks for your understanding.

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    All posts from new members that link to outside sources are vetted by Mods and Admins before being allowed to be posted on the board. This was reviewed and approved. But you raise a valid point, using the link from SM benefits the site and I would urge members to use that.
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    I finished reading both books. The first is a relatively short, 89 pages that serves as more of a prologue to the next book in the series Corporate Survival-The Zombie Apocalypse. (and by the way it is not about brain eating zombies, well not the dead kind anyway.) One way I personally rate a book is how it keeps me involved. In that regard this series scores the highest marks. I had a couple of late nights doing the "one more chapter" thing. Very engaging and keeps you wondering "what's next?". Kudos on the writing style, it is very, very good. The characters are fairly well developed, it is my hope that they get more fleshed out in the upcoming books. But not to the detriment of the fast paced action of the writing though!

    I found the premise and the organization of the group, SURVinc, a very refreshing and interesting take. Something I have never seen in survival fiction. To come up with a new concept in this competitive genre is no small feat. Kudos again on that. I do fear that it will not be so manageable in the future books though.

    The situations and the dialogue between the characters was all believable and seemed natural. Something that always takes away from a good read for me. When the characters act or talk in a way not consistent with their character or with a real life situation. These books only had that in a very minor instance or two that did not really affect the read for me at all.

    Now for the down side. Really not too much. I would recommend getting and reading this series. I'm sure anyone could find a few faults in the storyline but not enough to take away from the enjoyment of the read. For me anyway.

    I found the organization of the group and especially the presidents demeanor as a bit unrealistic in the first book. I mean that he seemed to be solely in charge and his orders were obeyed without question. I really don't see that in a civilian organization, especially under the stress of a SHTF situation. But, however this was largely tempered in the second book where we see the interaction and the workings of the board of directors and the debate and dissension to some plans. This was much more realistic to me and I give a pass to the first, short book as not really having the time to introduce these nuances. So again Kudos there.

    I found a couple of things that to me were just not realistic. The most glaring example and one that sort of put the brakes on, albeit briefly, to the storyline for me was when Jack was taken prisoner. When his interrogator comes in, or was it the medic, I would have to go back and find that chapter. But anyway he stabs the guy, then sneaks out of the farmhouse room he was being held in, his sniper rifle and pistol are on a table in the next room and he escapes without incident. This was just way too convenient and unrealistic to me. Why if he was a prisoner did they not completely disarm him? How did they miss his knife? And why was he not tied up or otherwise confined? There were no other guards or soldiers in the house. And his weapons were conveniently left right there for him to retrieve. Just way to convenient for me. I would like to have seen him create a diversion to escape, have to overcome a guard or two, maybe even take a guards weapons instead of finding his own, or at the least taking his sidearm and or rifle off of a soldier he killed. He certainly had no trouble in CQB in other parts of the story.

    But that said, that is my only real criticism. it was a speed bump on a very enjoyable ride. There were a few other instances that were just a tad to convenient to move the story along but not anything that stands out now that I have finished it. So all in all I really enjoyed the read. The story is one we who enjoy prepper fiction are familiar with yet contains new and refreshing elements. Very good job! And the chicken dance is great!!! Loved it!!

    As a postscript here I would add that in the future books in the series I would like to see a little more description of weapons, armament etc. There are a few instances where the model of weapon is described or the ordnance but not in general. Now I have seen books that were heavy and laden with descriptions of weapons to a point that it deterred from the story. So it is a fine line to walk I understand. You don't want to sound like you are just showing off your knowledge of weaponry and wasting page space on things that don't move the storyline forward. But a little more mention of specific make and models of the weapons would make the story a little more interesting, for me anyway. My 2 cents. YMMV. Minuteman
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    Minuteman thanks for your honest review.

    To touch on a few points, you are absolutely correct the first book was written to set up and support the next two and possibly three. As for Mitchell running the show, without consultation, and micromanaging in the beginning, this was deliberate. Before the SHTF that is how the compound was run. As the Board members rarely if ever showed up. He literally had to do everything himself. When the SHTF Mitchell went right on leading unchallenged. The members followed him out of desperation, they were in shock and looked to their leader for direction. The way I saw it was the corporation was started to operate in a SHTF environment, but it was never tested. Only after the first conflict was over and they had the winter to settle into a routine did the board first meet. Very few of the board members get any ink because they are nameless investors that don’t participate in the day to day operation of the compound. The only shareholders that get ink are the ones that work for the corporation. Or do something that is integral to the story. You are correct I should have put some time in on this so the reader would understand.
    Thanks for pointing it out. Most of the structure and pros and cons of how the corporation runs comes out in book 3. I allude to it without giving it away in the first chapter, which I included at the end of book 2.

    I also dropped the ball with Jack in the farmhouse. My intent was to lead the reader to believe Jack was dead or dieing, and his captors believed this as well. They were also preoccupied with the arrival of the package. As well as the way their leader ruled, failure was not an option. Every man was engaged in the immediate task at hand. After you pointed it out and rereading it I can see where I went wrong and I intend on correcting it.
    Thank you again.

    You are also 100% correct as for creative license to move the story along. It was a trade off I chose on day one. I wanted a page turner and I think I got one. I actually cut many of the weapons descriptions for this reason. For example, on my first draft I went into great detail on SAW’s and their combat efficiency as force multipliers. When they went dry, I also cut out the fact they could use regular magazines, because it wasn’t important at the time, the battle was over for them for a while, the reader just didn’t know it yet. I wanted to push the reader ahead, and keep their attention.

    In other areas I intentionally left out or deleted sequences and details, to force the reader to use their imagination to fill in the gaps. Thus forcing the reader to get engaged. A good example would be Jacks first rifle, it was depicted in many scenes, but never described beyond a Bolt action 308. This was intentional, to force the reader to imagine a rifle of their own choosing.

    With the reader fully engaged, they are more likely to tolerate a bit of detail they would otherwise loose interest in. In book three I will have more freedom to elaborate, because of this.

    Thanks again, your review is spot on IMHO, and I truly appreciate you taking your time in writing it.
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    I had assumed most of your intentions and find no fault in it. And like I said the story moves forward at a great pace that kept me riveted and not wanting to put it down. I actually was trying to imagine Jacks rifle. It didn't detract from the story at all. I liked the fact that not a lot of time was spent on little meaningless details. And I like the idea of leaving a lot said but unspoken. That is a very good trick and one not easily pulled off. I am thinking along the lines of Corporal Washington. You don't waste time with descriptive narrative like "his football player physique, or the large hulking black man. That is how I picture him but it is never said. I like the idea that all of the characters physical attributes are up to the reader to imagine. I really have no idea what race, what build, what color hair any of the characters have. I am free to insert any attribute my mind conjures. Very good.

    One of my favorite scenes is the confrontation between Mitchell and Dave in the barn with the prisoner. Dave is enraged at the horrendous details that the prisoner has revealed and is wanting revenge.

    "Dave I understand how you're feeling, but you can't become an animal like him. I won't let you." Mitchell said as he drew his .45 and put a bullet in the prisoners head.

    Didn't see that coming. Good scene.

    I will post an edited version of the above review on Amazon. Good story, looking forward to the next installment.
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    I read them both and also did some long reading sessions to do one more chapter.

    I concur on the point about Jack's escape being too convenient. Better to leave it out than spoil the suspense and character with it.

    Also really liked the concept of a corporation formed for SHTF survival. Very interesting and potential to go many directions. But I am hoping they stay on the path to figuring out how to be successful and moral while doing what needs to be done.

    Thank you for putting in some serious editing effort. One of the cleanest reads in the genre. Much more fun to read a carefully honed writing.

    Also appreciated a decent amount of story for its normal price ($4?). Please keep at it and I appreciate you are responding to feedback. Just stay away from the conveniently easy scenarios for the main character. May work for a minor character or even the bad guys, but the protagonist has to earn our respect whether he wins or fails.
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    Thanks for the honest feedback it is well needed and appreciated.
    As for the scene with Jack in the farmhouse, I will be the first to admit I missed the mark there.
    The chapter in reference with the scene in question was added to give Jack a bit more depth. It was initially written with Jack out hunting in the next valley when he stumbled upon the Norks building a dirty bomb.
    In order to bring out Jack’s character more and show some depth, It was changed to where his daughter is assaulted in an attempted rape. He was denied an opportunity to hunt the assailants down, But after speaking to his wife, and her need for revenge he went out after the men. That solved two things it allowed the reader to see a dark side of Jack and it allowed Jack to discover the Norks plot. Also it was meant to show Jack was not a hand to hand expert. If you recall he was loosing a knife fight, to a drunk Probie in the previous scene. If it weren’t for the Norks shooting his opponent Jack would have died right there. Where I dropped the ball is I failed to convey to the reader that the Norks thought they had so grievously wounded him he was barley alive and likely dieing, when they brought him back to the farmhouse. I needed him in the farmhouse to witness their plans. Once that was accomplished he needed to get back to the compound in time to allow SURVinc. a chance to stop them considering the distance and the lack of transport for the troupes.
    Corporate Survival is a series, that grows upon itself, as each new book is released the characters are developed more and the challenges get harder, and the books get longer.
    Now as for Jack’s future I can assure you in book three Corporate Survival TEOTWAWKI life gets much harder for him, as well as for everybody.
    As for SURVinc. like all forms of governance it works until it doesn’t. I hope you continue to follow along as we explore TEOTWAWKI together.
    Thanks again CTHorner.
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