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  1. damoc

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    Making a cooker for the issue cups canteen and using solid fuel stoves these are ideal for light weight camping/hiking,the bug out bag or just for emergency home use.

  2. Brokor

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    I always had one of these, probably cost me $1 or $2 at the time. The G.I. canteen stove nestles nicely with the canteen and cup inside the carrier. It's cool to see people make their own items, though. Sometimes the things we make are better than the store bought items!

    As memory serves, I gave my canteen setup to an internet acquaintance who lives in Colombia. Since I started using the Kelly Kettle, I just have no need for anything else.

    I really liked your video, thanks!
  3. Seawolf1090

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    For years when camping on motorcycle roadtrips, I used a GI canteen cup and stove to heat my food. Carried my water in GI canteens too.
    Had my meal prepped, cooked and eaten while my riding buddy was still trying to get his cantankerous fancy alcahol stove lit and running.
  4. Oddcaliber

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    Got one as well. There is a company that makes one in stainless Steel that can be used as a grill. Want one so bad!
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    Good Times
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