Dare to call humans civilized?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Devildog3531, Sep 28, 2009.

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    and people wonder why I don't like large cities ... and Chicago in particular. and why I may be suspicious of certain dress, language, and yes even color ... You only experience so much and it becomes real hard to give the benefit of the doubt.
    maybe these were just Acorn community organizers trying to convince some others to come around to their point of view.
    this was Chicago, how do you feel about your lack of resonable rights to be armed there now? Doesn't severe Gun Control laws make you feel so much safer?
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    I thought that video was going to show the beating. Hmmph.

    Well, I agree that all law abiding folk should carry firearms openly, but most people such as depicted in that video would not be the best batch -but, they reap what they sow, yes? With guns or without, an ignorant, deprived person who has been educated by the federal system and fed racist propaganda and gangster ghetto mythology will still hate others, be violent, and continue to degrade the value of life that so many have worked to protect.

    I have no problem with ignorant fools killing one another. Sometimes, the innocent die along with them, but to me -as terrible as it sounds, it is little more than collateral damage. Of course, this goes beyond color. In many cases, these fools are raping and killing good people, too. I guess that I have seen so much of it in my life, that I have become desensitized to the effects. I only know that in my neck of the woods, people like those described in the video wouldn't last very long.
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    Simply giving the big city folks guns may NOT be the answer. One must be raised in the "gun culture" to really appreciate the seriousness of owning a gun, the responsibility to one's society when carrying or in possession of a firearm. That is what the antis can't seem to understand. We in the 'flyover' areas have had our guns all our lives - we consider them tools, not status symbols or a way to 'even the score'.
    It all goes back to the way one is raised, and the core values taught by the family. If the family has failed to do that - we see what happens......
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    I don't think there's a person in this forum that would disagree with you. I was 3 with my first BB gun, and 4 with my first .22; I grew up with and still have the utmost respect for firearms. Even when at swim qual or in MOUT training, I have a habit of treating rubber rifles like the real thing as it is second nature.

    Giving these animals guns with their culture (thug/hood culture, not black culture) and upbringing would simply spell disaster. The news article claims the one killed was an honor student. (Heh, seems they always are) However, what was he doing there? I also saw him throw a few punches before a 2x4 was picked up. Perhaps if he had a gun that day, another "honor student" would have been killed and AOL would be saying what a shame that case was.
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    Yes, an "honor student" from that neighborhood can successfully spell 'tangerine', while somehow failing to enunciate. :oops:
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