Data over MURS - Raveon VHF MURS Band Data Radio / Telemetry Transceiver Modem

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    Stumbled on this the other day and thought it was interesting. Since MURS is unrestricted, might it be ok to transmit encrypted data that would otherwise be prohibited on Ham bands? Looks like it just needs power, an antenna and a pc connected via serial port.
    VHF radio modem 1-2 watts 4800/9600bps MURS band radio modem


    VHF Data Radios | VHF Data Radio | VHF Radio Modem

    Haven't dug too deep but they look to be $570@ here: RV-M7-VM

    Raveon's RV-M7-VM data radio modem is a high-speed FCC Part 95 certified data radio designed for telemetry, SCADA, AVL, wireless data, mobile-data and remote control applications.

    The RV-M7-VM data radio transceiver is designed exclusively for use on the license-free MURS radio channels. The FCC has set aside 5 VHF radio channels, limited to 2 watts of transmit RF power, for license free use in the United States. More information about thise "MURS" radio channels is available in our application note AN115.

    The 5 MURS channels are:

    1 151.820 MHz
    2 151.880 MHz
    3 151.940 MHz
    4 154.570 MHz
    5 154.600 MHz

    It is one of the most versatile and fasted data radio modems. Included in each unit, are advanced networking, error correction, and diagnostics. Featuring an all digital base-band, this one radio modem works on wide and narrow band channels at baud rate from 800 to 19200. It may be ordered with an optional IP65 weatherproof enclosure.

    An Optional internal GPS ( -GX option) allows the M7 to send its positionand status at pre-set intervals using TDMA channel access, allowing hudreds of vehicles, assets, or personnel to be GPS tracked. A GPS AVL system built with M7 transceivers, can track as fast as 200 vehciles with 10-second updates or 20 vehicles with 1 second updates. The M7 series data radio is the fastest and most efficient VHF AVL radio on the market. See all of Raveon's AVL technology and software at

    The M7 leads the industry in many areas including technology, features, and price. It has some of the fastest over-the-air data rates, TX-RX switching times, and power-on times. It is one of the smallest data radios in its class. It is one of the most rugged data radios made. It is one of the lowest power-consumption radios available. It has programmable over-the-air data rates and IF bandwidths. And its price will pleasantly surprise you.

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    Nice Hardware....
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    Found another article:
    Raveon Series VHF, UHF, MURS Radio

    This data radio is a rugged high-performance, high-speed narrow-band data modem. It contains a receiver, a transmitter, and modem, creating an easy-to-use transparent data radio link.

    The Raveon VHF/UHF/MURS data radios give you reliable long-distance communication in difficult terrain – up to 60 miles. Raveon 5-watt radios are available to cover the entire VHF and UHF Bands in the U.S. and around the world.

    The user interface is asynchronous RS-232 data into and out of the M7(CMOS level optional). Modem operation is virtually transparent to the user and the configuration of the modem is via the user serial port.

    Unlike any other radio modem on the market, the M7 may be operated in either a “Packetized Mode” or a “Streaming Real-Time Mode”. There are advantages to each approach, and your choice depends upon how your system operates .For privacy and network versatility, the M7 incorporates a 16 bit identification code. Its protocol also uses a 16bit CRC to guarantee the integrity of the data. Perfect for SCADA and telemetry applications,the M7 can be used for simple point-to-point data communication applications, or for more sophisticated point-to-multipoint, peer-to-peer, or mesh networks

    Although the M7 is the easiest to use modem on the market, its re-programmability makes it extremely versatile. Most parameters within the modem may be re-configured to optimize it for specialized operations, extended range, or higher data throughput.

    • Integrated Packet data protocol and built-in Streaming Real-Time operation.
    • ARQ error correction and retransmission capability. Totally transparent to the application.
    • Capable of store-and-forward repeating operation.
    • Small sized and very rugged extruded enclosure.
    • 16 bit addressing for up to 65,525 different unique device addresses per channel
    • Supports group and broadcast transmissions. Network mask allows groups of any size.
    • 2 watts of RF output. Other RF power levels available upon request.
    • Easily configured using “AT” commands
    • Very fast Transmit-to-Receive turnaround time.
    • RS-232 serial input and output. Programmable serial baud rates up to 57600.
    • Programmable over-the-air data rates for long-range or high-speed
    • Automatic key of transmitter on data.
    • RF carrier-detect is not required receiving. No squelch setting required.
    • High-speed over the air data rates.
    • Built-in radio transceiver with integrated modem
    • Easy to use. Plug-in, Turn-on, and GO. Transmit data in = Receive data out.
    • Lowest current draw in industry.
    • Wide input voltage with high-efficiency switching voltage regulator.
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    Didn't know you could send data over MURS legally. Interesting. Company I work for tossed out 3 brand spankin' VHF radio modems a couple years back. Dumpster rescue / salvage operations commenced immediately. They can be set to either 2 or 4 watts. Just set 'em to 2 W with MURS freqs and viola!
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    One of the listed purposes of these radios is remote SCADA monitoring so yeah, data is fine :)
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    MURS was modified for Data, a few years back, by the Commission... It is designed as a local Data Transmission Path.... The other product, around for this is the GoTenna product, that has a USB and WiFi Interface specifically designed to use with Mobile, and HandHeld Devices... Same 2 Watts and Frequency Selections, and about 50% of the Price.... the GoTenna goes for $200US for a Pair.... Using a Pair of these with iMessages, or FaceTime, would give a person, Total Secure Comms with Data, Voice, and Video, that was End to End Encrypted...
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    Yes, @Flight-ER-Doc That theory has been put forward by some very SMART Comms Lawyers, but it has NEVER actually been tested, in a Court, or an FCC Administrative Law Judge.... So, if one were to use that Stratagem, for Justification, One had better have some Deep Pockets, to buy a lot of Legal Comms Talent, to fight it out, with the Commission's Lawdogs.... Whom are just as SMART, when it comes to their Regulations...
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    Yes, they did, and it is a REAL Product, that is NOW, shipping... As well as there are Reviews of the product, out on the Web... One thing that I like about this product, IS, that the GoAntenna has one more layer of Firmware Glue, between You and IT, that takes care of all the Comms Protocols, for you.... Where the product you posted about, is just a Serial Device, that will Packetize, or Stream Serial Data, between the two devices. This is great, for some applications, but does NOT get you connectivity, between connected Devices except on a Serial connection. Any other Higher Protocols must be added by the User, including a TCPIP Stack, and Encryption, which makes it less useful, as a Plug & Play Comms Setup...
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    Well, you can get away with it ... until you can't. And that might just be enough.
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    True enough.... The Field Staff tend to send a "Cease & Desist Order" first, and then a "Notice of Apparent Violation" the violation continues....
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    There is also some value in speaking other languages....while it is not secure, it would certainly slow down actions based on intercept of communications.

    Of course, the language would have to be somewhat rare...Spanish probably wouldn't do it, but it should be a language with the Roman (common) alphabet.

    Google Translate has dozens of choices. Then there are made up languages, Klingon, or Yoda speak like you should.
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    Languages are NOT Restricted, on USA Ham Comms. HOWEVER, Idents MUST be made, periodically, in Morse Code, or English, By Regulation....
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