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    Aloha Monkeys,

    Since she was 4 years old, my Daughter and I have spent at least 30 minutes each night before she goes to sleep talking, sharing, laughing and listening... It's Daughter - Daddy Quality Time... that has lasted for the last 12 years...

    Some nights we just sit and read... some nights we listen to each other's favorite songs... other times she opines on the just how low the male species can go... and of course I come back with my own stories of the the "feminine reptile" behavior I have observed ... hey... it's a pretty balanced conversation...

    But it's conversation... and that art seems to be dying ... or at least the values that go along with human interaction or the fading lack there of these days...

    Last night she commented about her lack of available friends to go with her when I invited her to go paddle boarding up one of your larger rivers here to see the turtles the swim in from the ocean....

    Yes She's one of those that spends a bit too much time on her phone, ipad etc... IMHO...

    So Daddy invites her to watch all of the video at the link below.... (and I think you all should too... it's that good IMHO ;)

    This Is A Video EVERYONE Needs To See. For The First Time In My Life, I’m Speechless. | PetFlow Blog - The most interesting news for pet parents around the world.

    Hmmmm.... she likes it !.... She pauses a bit... Then in the spirit of Daughter - Daddy Quality Time ... keeping the balance of things... Daughter invites me to watch this ... ( and yes I think you all should too... and yes it's also that good IMHO ;)

    Hmmmm... Daddy likes it!

    A great exchange I would say... and with that... after a one hour Daughter - Daddy Quality Time full of laughs, jokes, opinions, jabs and comfortable silence... I made sure she was tucked in and said "Good Night Princess... 143" and turned off her light....

    Lots of things to think about... but I went to sleep with a smile on my face ;)

    General Survival and Preparedness... it's all about the people, the hearing, seeing, feeling, listening, talking, thinking and caring.... and Heart... don't forget the Heart!

    Can't do that if you are "Cocooning" in your own technological world... look up... say hello... start a conversation... take time to wonder and marvel with someone... spend time with your children... your family... your friends... and make new ones... like all of you here! ;)

    That's just my humble opinion....

    Good Night Monkeys... 143!

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    Love it @Bear , thanks for posting.
    I know I don't spend enough time with my kids, time for that to change. They have both been helpful with our new chickens, for the past few days, that's been the daddy - daughter - son time.
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    I too dated a deaf girl, many years ago. Your selection was good @Bear , but I like Monkey's better.:)
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    You're welcome @kckndrgn I pondered whether or not to post... but quality time spend with our kids... like quality time with our parents and them with theirs... seems pretty important to me... hoping they will remember and find the same kind of quality time with all of our grandchildren... and them with our great-grandchildren.... technology is great... but high tech... seems to be winning out over high touch these days... and that's a survival thing... IMHO...

    Yeah... we all need to decide... take the pill and unplug for a while... spend some time with kids, parents, loved ones... call them and reconnect with old friends... not an email or a text... a touch, a smile, a laugh or at least a long overdue "Hello" over the telephone....

    It's kinda important... and you'll feel great afterwards.... and I bet your Son, Daughter, Mom, Dad, Cousin, Uncle, Aunt, Friend, Wife or Husband... will appreciate it as well... Our time is the most precious give we can give...

    Just My Humble Opinion...

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    You're a good Man @kellory ... yeah... my Monkey thinks so too ;)....
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    Wish I had spent more time with our last two. First two and I stayed in the woods/scouts/hunting/fishing/tracking/etc. Daughter and I hunted some and she learned to shoot great, walk softly, and defend herself. Just did not teach her about guarding her heart too well and she fell in love with a pill head first time out. Last is a moma's boy and lives with a joy stick in his hand. Congrats on time well spent with your daughter. We only go through life once and the mistakes we make just have to be lived with.
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