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    It might sound silly but with talk of Bugging out and Bug out locations, weapons stash and defending what is yours, we have everything planned out. With all of the questions and answers given, I have yet to see what should be done upon the death of a loved one. If we are in a Martial Law situation of WROL what would you do? I will instruct my family to place my body on a large pile of brush and burn it but they should drag my a$$ a few miles from our BOL to do that.
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    depends on the terrain,
    if your on rocky outcropping then its a scottish burial, lay the body down and heap it over with large rocks so the animals dont get it
    viking funeral, the body on a wooden raft, stock it high with brush/fuel and put the body on top, light it and set it adrift
    wet blankets on top of the raft will prevent it from burning bottom first
    not in high fire season in the woods though
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    Momma says "Viking Funeral"for her, and then a Party for the survivors...
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    I want one of these- it will keep them animals from getting to my hide!!

    In reality a Scottish burial would do me fine- cover me up well and drive on...
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    has anyone actually looked into how much wood it would take to incinerate a body??? B T U and that kinda crap !!!!

    i dont think a brush pile would do it but they can try...
    I think it would take up most of the winters wood...
    and talk about giving away your secret hiding spot the smell would be horrific!
  6. cdnboy66

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    brush pile may not be an apt description, wikipedia suggests that a human body will incinerate in furnace temperatures of 1600-1800 F
    " The time required for cremation varies from body to body, and, in modern furnaces, the process may be as fast as one hour per 45 kg (100 lb) of body weight."

    surely not a brush pile, but perhaps not a winters worth of fuel either, here's hoping I never have to find out, but I certainly wouldn't be splitting wood for a cremation, I might pile 3-12" logs about 10 feet long together and light em

    we bury the dead only to keep disease out of our direct path, and it's a point well made that you wouldn't want a corpse pile nearby your bug out location for disease factors, hence the cremation.
    I would hate to dig a grave mid winter, and while the body may stay frozen outside, the animals would surely get it
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  7. kellory

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    build a bon fire on the grave site, to thaw the earth before attempting to dig it by hand. Should save you a lot of hard pick work.
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    Bury me and plant a fruit tree over me....I might as well be fertilising something useful to the survivors after my carking it....or bury a cache of supplies and put me on top of it...grave robbers would have to get past me to get to the goodies...and I may need some useful things in the afterlife if there be one!!! ;)
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