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    I did a minor bit of research on the internet and found little outside of "what to do" IF you are the victim of a "home invasion"!
    Now there has to be more to it than that....
    Almost every website I have been to, always seems to have ( xeroxed copied?) the same message of utilising military handbooks or "experts" you can pay to get answers from. Join now for only $49.95!!!
    Nah, just kidding! Courses are far MORE expensive than that!
    I mean seriously, there is more on protecting yourself and homes from "ZOMBIES", than a real life scenario or a true survival scenario,
    I re-read the same old rhetoric..."the basics" of survival.
    Water, food, shelter, fire....etc., ad infinitum!
    I can see people starting a fire in their living rooms!
    ( Gee! I always wanted a "firepit" in the front room!)
    Maybe building a few sandbag bunkers in their bedrooms as well?
    Hmmm...Lining the sand filled walls with ballisitic armor perhaps as well?
    I don't think this is very realistic, ONLY good fodder/filler for a novel, or some guru's "buy my survival program" scam!? ($149.95!!!)
    I mean where's all the information about fences, lighting, door and window security? More, there has to be more, somwehere!
    We all know about OPSEC, re: light and sound policies, and so on....
    What about the rest?
    I'm NOT referring to cutting "gun slots" in the sides of the homes....
    More practical and everyday applications and solutions...
    I have had several accounts of being told it's all about exterior lighting and door locks! No one ever thought about the windows, or security?
    Sure you could spend scads of dollars and have those bars put in, and a mantrap system at your front door....complete with CS gas canisters!
    But, between you and I, what's the point?
    Many people live in very sparsely populated areas ( rural) and there is no desire for such contraptions and devices.
    Just because some of us live out in the "boonies", doesn't mean we are NOT prone to having un-invited guests come lurking around.
    Think looters and thieves!
    In fact that is more to the point. No neighbors, and no security will help in instances when and where you are away, for whatever reasons.
    Let's say you are at home and you live out in the land of OZ...
    Dogs are of some use, some being outside, and some being inside...
    Ok, but what else?
    Dogs can and have been, and will be poisoned, and even shot and unless you have trained them very well, they could be "taken out".
    It's a grave and growing concern among those of us that live in the far out and away areas, and those that have to deal with the problems now.
    Sure shooting them is a GRAND idea, but not realistic by any means....
    ( No hogs,so what would I do with all the bodies?)
    You could spend the time and money to wrap your place in miles of electrified razor wire....Maybe even Get a few towers, man them with snipers and machine guns...
    But there again, not realistic.
    So, what's the answer?
    If you are more than one person and have someone that is responsible, they can stay behind and act as a guard.
    If you don't then what?
    Maybe someone will start a "rent-a-guy", for those that need someone to watch over their places, while they go for supplies?
    I don't know the answers, but IF I had them, I'd sure pass them on!
    My predicament is similar to the point where the "rule of law" is non-existant, except to protect the bad guys, so you can't just shoot them, not right now anyway! So what's a person to do?
    The bad guys are running rampant, and the deputies are ineffective by 70 miles! Not a good scenario.
    I flatly refuse to let it coontue on....I won't sell off my land for less than what I just paid for it, and I won't let it go to lien sales for unpaid taxes....
    As I see it, all that it takes is ONE lesson to be taught to anyone of them and maybe, just maybe, the rest will learn?
    Ok, so now I'm not being realistic either....
    It was just a passing thought.
    There are NO less than 7 people up there, that are in the process of stripping everything in the area, like army ants....
    No amount of "Green Light" ant powder will be effective, unless... they were to be force fed, a lot of it!
    ( Idea: since GUNKID is out and about right now, Maybe I could hire him to go up and quickdraw on all of them at once!???)
    It's a problem for certain that must be resolved, and soon.
    My last response to what is taking place was, to call in an airstrike with white phosphorus ( willie peter).
    Then salt the earth, just for good measure!???
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    I liked reading that and true I make a little money when off duty I put up security camera's and alot of people think thats the answer and I explain to them it's not then I take and do a security sweep with them of their home, business and property. I explain the camera's/alarms are part of a solution but not the answer to the problem. Then when they ask what is all I can tell them is I don't know. Like you said for what ever reason the courts and justice system is letting the people down and most of the laws protect the bad guy more than it dose the victim. Then as for the LEO it's like it is with our Sheriff's Dept. you have a small Dept, one Deputy on per shift and that Deputy is trying to hadle 5 to 10 calls at one time the cities and counties won't hire any more. So that leaves the people kind of hung out on their own. The bad guys go to jail and it's like a training school for them they come out a better criminal than when they went in. Beleive it or not we have these guy's and gang banger who are getting job's with these security companies and they are going out and being trained to install security systems. After they learn they install them and then go back and break in the house's that they put the systems in.
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    What I was "informed of" late last night, was that my "former" "caretaker" is in fact not only a convicted felon ( burglary etc,) from California, but that he actually has "instructed" others in the area up north, on the "proper" techniques to steal.
    Example: He used my 2- 20 ton hydraulic jacks (bought for moving my mobile home around) to raise a semi tractor off the ground so that the front wheels could be removed and taken!~ I was told they sold for a very good price in town, and quite quickly too! I explaind that unlike Sharia law, where your hands are cutoff, I do not have a sword for such purposes, so I'd have to use a shotgun from about 12 inches away!
    He was not happy with my statement as he complained "well I guess that means me too?" I simple said in reply ,"if the shoe fits...."
    And YES, he has made a lifestyle off the thefts from others and I feel that his day of reckoning will be forthcoming.
    I hope they have a "falling out" over who gets what and ends up with a shootout that ends a lot of the discussion and problem/s.
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    It's hard to believe what the men of this world has became no pride, no moral's, no desire to work to have a life,(they just prefer to steel off the one's who do), no family values, dady's not taking care of kid's wemon having kid after kid by different men, alcohol and drug are the most important thing in their lives. Some times I think when the SHTF it will be mother nature cleansing her self and restoring balance.
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    Talk about having a bull’s eye on your back. When the word gets around what he is doing someone will kidnap him and make him talk.
    The best defense is to look like you have nothing to steal. try to make what you do have as undesirable of a target as possible doing thing such as putting things in the middle of a brier patch.
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    For something I really want to conceal...
    I'd dig a fire pit (illegal up north) but it would look like a really well used one...burnt old soup cans, lids, half burnt wood, etc...
    I'd put in a bucket or a poly barrel sawn in half, with a lid over the top and then bury it under about a foot of ash or more from the woodstove!
    Toss in some old rusty nails, can pull tabs and the like, and no metal detector will be of much use! One idea I'd heard of and never did much about was the use of rocks...Now if you wanted to bury something and you could place a really large and heavy rock over the top, that would be an great hiding place....until you need what you have under that danged rock!
    So, I was thinking, what about artificial rocks? Fiberglas over chicken wire and painted with the same colors of the natural rocks in the area....? I even made some for a stage that were made of a gauze type of cloth with plaster of paris impregnated in it, wet it out and lay it over anything you wanted to cover or duplicate! Then a bit of paint and voila! I even made mounatins ( duplicated Monument Valley) out of foam , andmade palm trees out of 4 inch PVC pipe and papier mache'! ( I always wanted to call that stuff "poopy mushy"!)
    Or a false tree/limb...? That would be somewhat easy to do as well.
    Especially if you have ever worked with natural latex rubber as a mold!
    Trees, branches, and even rocks take on the exact texture and shape, all you add is the filler/s and color/s.
    The place I worked once built a lot of staging props, including almost a full sized mexican hacienda out of large foam blocks and spackling! It was funny to watch people's eyes as you pick up a 12 ft x 6 foot wall and walk away and it barely weighed 12 lbs!
    You ever see those artificial rocks for hide away keys, in case you get locked out of the house? ugly and easy to spot aren't they? I was thinking along the same lines, but using artificial dog poop! Not many would reach down to even check it out! Ahh,....the possibilities boggle the mind when you get goin' on this stuff!
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    I can't say that you are completely wrong. But I can tell you it ain't that simple. Those bad guys had better be at the absolute tippy-top of their game or they are going to all die in the effort.

    Think about this for a second please . . .

    There are hundreds if not thousands of contractors doing personal protection work in the sand box. They have been there for years doing dignitary protection and "other work" law prevents military or governmental personnel from doing.

    How often have you heard of them being kidnapped? Or kidnapped and tortured for their knowledge?

    Once? The three that got gutted and hung from a bridge in rag ville?

    Like most other trades, there are people who take what they do very seriously and those that don't. The difference in this industry is that if you do not realize that when it gets right down to it that you are a professional bullet magnet, your peers will make it clear PDQ. Your preparedness effects their safety too!

    That gives the people that are the "real deal" an air about them. You can tell who is a poser, and who is a warrior. Don't hire the poser.
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    Well one problem I have with most books and most writers of "defense" is they have NO CLUE WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT! Have THEY fired a shot in anger? Had a shot fired at THEM in anger? Ever DONE what they are talking about? I mean saying "line your walls with sand bags" does work, but have THEY done it?! Ask anyone who has been in the military about filling sandbags, it is WORK! Where do they get the sandbags? Don't tell me "from a farm" like one loser did! I was raised on a farm anmd WORKED on a farm and I have YET to see any piles of sandbags laying around! WHAT company? Where? How much? Don't just hand me a bucket of crap and tell me it's choc ice cream!

    That is why I liked the out of print INDEPENDENT AMERICAN ONLINE MAG/LMI MAG, the writers "went and done", not just copied crap! Now sold on CD for something like $10 (yeah I got one, someday I might even do a report on it) from
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    Well we've got that covered I guess, our place, for better or worse, looks like a piece of crap ;-) And got plenty of places to hide crap here. Just gotta remember WHERE I hide the stuff ;-)
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    Well, depending on where your place is and what you have on it...It's still NOT really safe!
    Like my mobile home ( stripped out) up north, totally empty of anything...BUT the bad guys came and now I was told it will have to be gotten rid of. Once they "cook" drugs in it, you can't live inside! So now I'm out that cost and the money I paid to have it moved up there and leveled!
    Funny thing ( if you have a weird sense of humor) is that the one guy doing this, is the same jerk I bought it from and paid him and his brother to move it to my land! I feel special! I can't tell you how they are going to feel, in about another 2 weeks! They never did like me up there, but that will change, soon!
    They will absolutely HATE me, but they'll be gone and I'll still be around!
    Like hunting wabbits!
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