Defensive Operations in Urban Areas

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    The article I am linking was written by Matthew at Sipsey Street Irregulars. Due to his military background, he looks at things in that manner. He gives his top five of what he learned and as a stepping stone. Each one of these five has been written about here, some in multiple threads. There is a reason, these are the important- this is the foundation and you work outward.

    One thing that struck me as I was rereading this article was I have seen threads on keeping warm. We discuss winter but summer, not so much. But that is not the purpose of this thread. I thought to share this article, Mr. Vanderboegh gave me permission and his closing words- " Whatever your stripe of preparedness, I would ask that you seek out those Veterans and learn from their experiences." Which is the truth. This months Topic of the month, logistics was the suggestions of our veterans here on the Monkey.

    Defensive Operations in Urban Areas: What I Learned from the Surge

    Sipsey Street Irregulars: Defensive Operations in Urban Areas: What I Learned from the Surge

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    Logistics is very fundamental. Too many people don't think beyond the first fire-fight or the first day of the rest of their lives. They tend to gloss over practical realities like the fact that bootlaces break, and a washing machine may not be available when your underwear gets dirty.

    The person that looks further down the road and pays attention to the small details as carefully as the glaringly obvious is most likely to survive with style.
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    very good read
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    Good stuff, thanks MM.
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