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    US Department of Homeland Security National Planning Scenarios. Created for Use in National, Federal, State, and Local Homeland Security Preparedness Activities, March 2006, final draft, For Official Use Only, 161pp.
    The document describes US government planning for various disasters or attacks:
    <DL style="MARGIN-TOP: 0.2em; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0.5em"><DD style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0.1em; MARGIN-LEFT: 2em; LINE-HEIGHT: 1.5em">The Federal interagency community has developed 15 all-hazards planning scenarios (the National Planning Scenarios or Scenarios) for use in national, Federal, State, and local homeland security preparedness activities. The Scenarios are planning tools and are representative of the range of potential terrorist attacks and natural disasters and the related impacts that face our nation. The objective was to develop a minimum number of credible scenarios in order to establish the range of response requirements to facilitate preparedness planning.</DD></DL>
    • Scenario 1: Nuclear Detonation - 10-kiloton Improvised Nuclear Device
    • Scenario 2: Biological Attack - Aerosol Anthrax
    • Scenario 3: Biological Disease Outbreak - Pandemic Influenza
    • Scenario 4: Biological Attack - Plague
    • Scenario 5: Chemical Attack - Blister Agent
    • Scenario 6: Chemical Attack - Toxic Industrial Chemicals
    • Scenario 7: Chemical Attack - Nerve Agent
    • Scenario 8: Chemical Attack - Chlorine Tank Explosion
    • Scenario 10: Natural Disaster - Major Hurricane
    • Scenario 11: Radiological Attack - Radiological Dispersal Devices
    • Scenario 12: Explosives Attack - Bombing Using Improvised Explosive Devices
    • Scenario 13: Biological Attack - Food Contamination
    • Scenario 14: Biological Attack - Foreign Animal Disease (Foot-and-Mouth Disease)
    • Scenario 15: Cyber Attack

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    Hmmmm...I would also add here Nibiru 2012...
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    Wonder why they did not include attack by gub troops?????
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    Soetorro re-election 2012.
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    An exercise was already performed in Boston days ago for the subway system. It's also my understanding that National Guard troops are receiving focused training on civil unrest, as told to me by a relative. I think D.C. is well aware of the potential for violence by American citizens. I think they fully expect it.
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    Not good...It feels like SHTF is almost around the corner...
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    Bane, so do I, but I think it's basis will be the economy. It does not look good and as long as the government keeps artificially propping it up, this just delays the inevitable.
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    I have had a lot of feed back from up north in the land of nowhere...
    Seems a LOT of people are now buying lands as far from the major cities in Az as they can find...Realtors up north are getting slammed...My own that is up in Williams Az., was out last night at 9 pm! She said I had to get my paperwork in this morning as there are already several people trying to outbid me on the site I want! As soon as the place opens ( brain dead thing this am...no sleep, again!) I'll send the paperwork via fax! Have to get outta this place and soon.....
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