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    I thought this was a good read and worthy of discussion. I know that Pemmican and coconut oil (strangely absent from this link) has been discussed (fairly recently). I have a lot of coconut oil, but haven't bought canola oil in a long time because of the erucic acid issue how it has been GM by Monsanto.

    Food Storage Preparedness: dietary fat |

    Soybean and safflower oils are looking interesting. Anyone have any pros/cons for these?
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    THink growing edible oil bearing trees and plants too

    Thanks for the info Guit,

    As far as stored edible oils are concerned, with the exception of palm oil*, most edible oils on the list are higher in monosaturated fats than saturated fats, and a good quantity held in store is worthwhile keeping.

    For preppers looking to the future, planting a few olive trees where the climate and soil is suitable may assure future availability of edible oil when peak oil or a TEOTWAWKI disaster happens.

    *In an emergency, starvation would probably force a re-assesment of the risk of clogging arteries with saturated fats. You'd probably welcome the discovery of a supply of palm oil.
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    Soy has been implicated in health issues, such as male breast enlargement, and is high in Vtamin K, making it not good for those of us on Warfarin and other blood thinners.

    I recently read that current Canola Oils, which I still avoid when poosible, have been gentically modified to reduce the harmful erucic acid issue, but I haven't verified this with healthcare folks. It's worth avoiding, in my mind, as a 'just in case' measure, as so many alternatives exist.
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    Thumbs up on the coconut oil.

    Check out fish oil capsules. Two "aquatic" screen names and no mention of fish oil! It won't be a major source of calories, but it stores well and balances your lipid profile. I take 5 grams (capsules) a day (50 calories). The recommended dose is 1 or 2 caps per day. DO YOUR REASEARCH. Long term you probably need at least 10 grams of fat per day to avoid essential fatty acid deficiency.

    Check out Rob Wolf, author of "the paleo diet". I was shocked to hear him on Jack Spirko's survival podcast. Rob is a nerdy biochemist weight lifter who has done tons of research on fat / lipid metabolism. Rob is very pro coconut and fish oil. He takes it way deeper than the saturated / unsaturated fat / cholesterol discussion. Rob has done tons of research on lipid (fat) metablism. Jack asked Rob what he would store for SHTF, Rob replied 'a 55 gallon drum of coconut oil from'

    Fish oil is an anticoagulant, so those monitoring their blood clotting performance (INR) might want to adjust their meds accordingly.

    Do some searches on:
    Rob Wolf + safflower, canola etc.
    fish oil calculator
    omega 3 and 6 fatty acid ratio

    -medium to long shelf life (4+ years)
    -very common
    -you can buy it at walmart without being put on the fema camp watch list (wear a hat and pay cash)
    -It has mild mood stabilizing and stool softening properties
    -very storable, transportable, calorie dense. put some in your bug out bag for compact calories or slice one open to protect your high carbon steel blade (stinky?).
    -attracts fish to bait (see WD40)
    -a stranded women ate fish oil and snow for weeks while her husband went for help (and froze to death)

    -high cost per calorie
    -potential for heavy metal (mercury) content
    -attracts bears
    -some folks get fish burps
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    "Fish Oil" and vitamin E are troublesome for those of us on certain meds. If you are on prescrription meds, check with your doctor!
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    Absolutely. Your doctor will do the safest thing (for him/her) and tell you not to take it. They would rather not have to adjust your warfarin dosage. If you are inconsistent when taking fish oil, then your INR will fluctuate as well. They also may be referencing their dated material regarding dosage.

    Vitamin E is fat soluble and you can overdose on it.

    In a SHTF situation, those of us with known cardiovascular issues (A-fib, atherosclerosis, PVD, PAD, etc) might want to have some fish oil on hand just in case their warfarin pills become unavailable..... and of course it gives you 10 fat calories per 1g capsule.
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    Yep, that and aspirin could help keep the blood thinned if no Warfarin available. I may ask the doc how much of each - together or seperately - would work as a substitute! They only allow me 20 Warfarin pills at a time, on one prescription. I could maybe double up, but that be only a month or a little longer.
    They really keep me on a short leash forthe Diltiazem/Cartia XT - I can only renew when almost out! It's the most expensive too. Normally $87.99 for a 60 count bottle - taken twice daily. One month's worth. With my medical plan's Prescription card, I get it for seven bucks! A darned good reason to make sureI don't lose my State job! :D
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    sorry for throwing this off topic. i'm not sure there is an exact conversion from warfarin to aspirin and / or fish oil. it really depends on the individual. the best way to do it is to slowly wean down off the warfarin while slowly adding in the substitutes realizing that whatever you do with warfarin will affect your INR a day or 2 later. there may be some more recent studies suggesting that aspirin alone might be as protective as warfarin. they probably give you so few warfarin because they want you to check your INR regularly, and warfarin doses are changed frequently. When you know an INR check is coming up, maybe start to add in fish oil and or aspirin slowly.... then you could lie about what your warfarin dose is to get more and build inventory, or skip a dose but say you took it.... so they increase your dose, allowing you to stock the extra. This aint like copy canning, so BE CAREFUL! Remember, no medical person would recommend this to their average patient while on record. I would be afraid post SHTF to go indefinitely on warfarin without checking the clotting anyway. do your own research.... Maybe skip a couple cartia xt doses per week (unless its for arrhythmia!!!) if you can tolerate it to build up an inventory.... and of course, do whatever you can to reduce your dose or get off the drug completely via diet, exercise, weight loss etc.
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    I have used safflower oil in some herbal preparations and it can be kind of strong. I would use caution when deciding what to cook with it. Perhaps using a variety of oils would be a good idea. It could also lesson the health risk associated with any particular oil.
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    I do most of my cooking with olive oil, but a buddy warns me that olive oil doesn't do well if cooking particularly hot. I haven't had any problems in my cooking.
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    Post SHTF. I don't think anyone is going to be worrying about Elevated lipids. We are going to be working hard and burning it off as fast as it goes in.

    We are going to be concerned about maintaining calories. Replacing Electricity and Gasoline with muscle is very caloric intensive.

    During Harvest / Wood Chopping Season I'd be surprised if we weren't burning off 3-4k Calories per day. We will be all fit and trim. Well as long as we maintain our intake. Otherwise, just a sack o' bones.

    I'm interested in Olive Oil, Coconut, Peanut and corn oils Plus there is always LARD just like grandma use to have in the cupboard.
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