Digital high speed access... to a little cement room.

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    To begin with you are a criminal, and you better remember it. The rest of this is all old news but I thought I'd share.
    Encryption!! Encryption!! Encryption!!

    Research it online, beg borrow or steal some books on it, take a course, try some software, do whatever it takes so that this fundamental aspect of information security is understood.
    It is well past the time everyone should be trying to make it the first thing we think of when we turn on the computer.
    Now some people might think,"I don't do anything illegal, why should I care." there is a simple answer to that; because YOU ARE doing something illegal!
    At this point there is not a single human endeavor which doesn't violate some federal law, interstate agreement, state statute, city or county ordinance or one of the hundreds of agency rules at every level which control our lives.
    And thanks to your computer, your infractions are easily and forever recorded, transmitted, shared, stored, duplicated, and accessed 24/7/365 by every employee of every anonymous and acronymous agency, private and public, involved in connecting your computer to here or anywhere else you surf.
    Nothing of what you do is private at that keyboard.
    In fact, I'm pretty sure that the phrase "Your privacy is important to us." is Latin for "Ha ha ha, You are so @$#!!ed, citizen." Though my Latin is rusty ;)
    I know, old news. but it really needs to sink in. and that needs to go hand in hand with the knowledge that almost anything you say, see, read, and write can be used against you.
    Digital high speed access... to a little cement room. A broadband future of inescapable past.
    If you're reading this entry then you probably don't need to be told all of this, I know.
    Anyway, I'm tired, and babbling. It's time to sleep.
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    Your absolutely right, you said it all babe
  3. melbo

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    But how can you trust the encryption?
    The NSA has bought up all of the encryption services and I believe there is a master key coded into anything you can think of using. Time for 1 time pads.
  4. SeptemberMage

    SeptemberMage LaMOE Monkey

    LOL just when I think I have found an answer to my paranoia... BAM! right back where I started...
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