Dirty Little Secret

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    You have a 10 times more likely chance of dying from a honey bee sting than to become involved in a terror attack. Fewer than a dozen deaths may occur from a terror attack in any given year...and yet we have re-structured our entire lives, our whole society around this myth, this FEAR.

    YouTube - ‪Terrorism's Big Dirty Secret‬

    Since when did we become frightened, timid little children captivated by deluded thoughts of an enemy who doesn't exist?

    Do the research. Do the math, it's elementary. Out of the hundreds of thousands who die each year in car accidents, do we now have TSA agents searching you before you drive your car? Will they promote a "war on cars"? This is how silly this has become.

    Don't fall for the propaganda any longer. Take their drums away so they no longer beat them to make the timid fall in line out of fear. RESIST.

    You want to know the dirty little secret about Terrorism? Watch the video. It's more like a big, dirty secret after all.
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