Discrete BOBs?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by monkeyman, Apr 28, 2008.

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    The bigest problem I find with BOBs, get home packs and so on is that they tend to be a trade off. The biger and better equiped they are the less likely you are to have it with you always and everywhere. So as a kind of mental exercise (and to give me some ideas) figured would set up a general situation to see what ideas folks would have for how to create discrete minimalist kits that could always go along.

    So, heres the senario. You will be going to a formal gathering (think wedding or funeral of a family member) say 100 miles from home. You will be rideing with others and not a ton of spare room so tossing a backpack and rifle case in isnt a viable option. Your 'spidey sense' is tingeling (or maybe stuff in news like say its 9/12/01) so you want to be sure you are prepared but not willing to miss the event. So the whole kit cant be over say 1.5 cubic foot or about the size of a womans medium sized purse.

    You cant count on being able to suplement supplies from stores and such but my have to make your way home with just whats in the kit and what you can get in nature on the way home. You also dont want it to atract ANY attention from folks you are rideing with or others in attendance.

    So what would be in your kit and what would you use to take it in? We will say you also have a change of clothes and shoes apropriate for the trip aside from the kit to make it easier.
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    Would it be considered SPAMing if I told you where you could get a bag like this?:rolleyes:
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    canyoutake a soft briefcase? Or a Gymbag for boots and spare socks ,commercially bottled water,a few canned goods with easy open tops, (cans become soup pots,waterboilers etc.)light easy to eat powerbars, ramen,

    I've also been looking at the dental floss container on the bathroom counter. It could easily hold floss, and fish hooks and a razor knife blade,ther infamous "water condom",pocketed with a a zippo or fire steel and a small swiss army knife all could be carried discretely,personal protection handgun could go into the gymbag amongst the sock sand footwear.
    Then, there's always the altoids tin.
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    So long as folks post other stuff then we dont tend to generaly consider it spam unless it is loads of stuff largely not related to survival. About the only ones who have much of a problem for spaming are the ones who make their first post something they are selling and it usualy is stuf like cell phones.

    So no, info on where folks can get kits posted by a member who actualy posts stuff other than where to buy stuff isnt likely to be looked at as spam.
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    Well first lets look at how long it would take you to travel 100 miles. Now when I was about half my current age I traveled about 70 miles in about 12-13hrs. (not fun and no I don't think I could or would do it again). Likely it would take 4-5 days at least depending on fitness level. So you will not be able to carry enough water so look at a small water filter/purification tablets and canteen. Dehyderated food would be my next thought mostly meat, because if I'm withen 100 miles from home I'll know the local plants that are edible and will harvest on the move to supplement the meat. A good pair of broke in hikers/socks. A zippo lighter, and a pistol/ammo.

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    Briefcase could probably be doable or small gym bag. Small/more discrete the beter. One of the situations I looked at something like this for was where looked at a job where would carpool with the other workers to the city each day and considered something like a playmate cooler/lunchbox to double as a BOB. basicly something you would be able to take along to work or gatherings and not draw attention and able to take along in others vehicles with limited room and so on but able to be as comfortable and prepared as possible with size/weight constraints and not looking nuts to the sheep.
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    Ok then, from me, I make them.
  8. monkeyman

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    Got pics and inventory lists and such?
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    I was at a funeral a couple of weeks ago in Tennessee. Although I drove to Tennessee, I rode to the funeral ( about seventy miles) with my father and several relatives so the scenario is pretty close. Improper clothing was the biggest deficiency. My shoes absolutely were not for walking home. I did have my Colt Defender under my jacket in a jackass rig with two spare magazines. I had my Microtec OTF in my packet, a zippo (don't smoke), a gold chain, my Tag watch, a few hundred dollars in cash, credit cards, and a small LED flashlight. With this in mind, I would have been very uncomfortable making my way across country in a suit with Gucci loafers and silk socks, but I would have made it. It is my conclusion, that proper footwear and maybe a pair of coveralls would be the most important items to consider. The gold, cash, and colt would provide anything else.
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    Season appropriate outdoor gear with a pocketful of cash, a knife, matches, straw water filter, a few munchies and a basic first aide kit; plus good boots will get you anywhere you need to go if you don't break a limb or get shot. Want to be really sure? Then include a vehicle with a full gas tank and a decent rifle and ammo in the back seat.
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    While the work Im doing now is closer to home (show up 5 miles then ride to site mostly 40 miles or so off) the armed thing is one thing I hate about it. Nearly all my work time is spent either on a college campus or a military base. The college I might be tempted to carry anyhow but on the base its a feloney AND you are subject to random search going in or while there. I dont see this one lasting all that long. I loath the idea of the possibility of hikeing 40 miles after a situation unarmed.....or even rideing the mowers that I run at work. For now though it helps stop the hemerage of funds while looking for something better.
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    :rolleyes: can I get an exact definition for "BOB" ?
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    Mkonkeyman,a temporary cache stuffed into a culvert just off the base?..or a .storage locker that's what saturday is for..
  15. CBMS

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    Somehow I Can't see you in those clothes...
    I guess even the most die hard preppers can clean up good
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    I'll try ahem-ahem"scrrreeeooochh" (pulls out the soap box...):
    "bob"( bug-out-bag): a pack or bag kept close at hand with enough basics to help you"survive a short term emergency.
    Notice the words survive a short term emergency. However every body has a different idea or situational definition.Some want to travel by any means possible back home;IMHO It usually (?) does not imply fighting a protracted battle without support.So IMHO a main battle rifle and 200 rounds are not generally part of the plan.
    YMMV Some folks will beg to differ on that point....A few will go armed to the teeth(depends if you are walking out or have a "bov": bug-out vehicle). [beer]:)

    I would add; I think ogm has the right idea: travel 15-20mi/day is reasonable , some water and purification tabs or a filter,lighter than water, socks and footwear, high calorie quick foods, basic fire making,concealable personal protection weapon, poncho for shelter rainwear,compass, goodknife and /small hatchet warmth layers small radio
    Anewyork hi rise lawyer might want water, good foot wear, pocket radio, dust masks, fire, food bars.adecent flash light. multi tool,yada yada...maps of the local area are a good idea too I think..
  17. E.L.

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    MM, I would just find a small backpack, like what you see the kids carrying at school. After all, I fit all of this stuff into this tiny little bag:

    smallBOB1 (Medium).
  18. E.L.

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    Keep in mind all of this stuff went into this bag, although it is not everything you need in one. I was putting different ones together and thought that a lot of this stuff was useful. With a decent regular size backpack you could triple the capacity of this small bag. Now I don't have food in this bag, but in a backpack you would have room for some. It just goes to show you how much you can stuff into a small space.
    smallBOB3 (Medium).
  19. E.L.

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    Piles of stuff in the floor when I put my little bags together. Now I have a backpack full of stuff that is not in this pile. Mountain House, LED flashlights, LED headlights, extra batteries, clothes, baby wipes, more meds, etc.
    BOB2 (Medium).
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    EL, see a spring loaded center punch? Good idea, works great on glass, I have one from my EMT days carry with me. If you ever have to break glass, i.e. get out of your car, use the duct tape to cover the glass then it won't shatter all over the place, you can make duct tape handles to remove in one section

    As far as going anywhere I always drive and if I happen to take Mom-In-Law or even my folks vehicle it is a van with plenty of room so throwing a backpack in is not a big deal.
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