DIY Single Barrel Shotgun and Ammo from scratch

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    A series of 3 videos on how to construct a single barrel 12G Shotgun. Posted for information and educational purposes only. Making a shotgun may not be legal in some jurisdictions around the world, so individuals should check local laws as to whether this kind of device is legal to make, store or use. The safety and effectiveness of this device is very much a matter of the quality of the materials used, and the competence of the manufacturer and the user. YMMVC.

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    A shot gun for small game and for larger:

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    What this video does very well is showing you that about anyone can build an off the books ar with minimal equipment and skill. Most makers of 80% kits are geared that way. After getting the lower done there are bunches and lots of vids, books, or ex mil types to help you complete the build. More expensive than a '50s zip gun build but maybe more effective should you need it. Not knocking single shot builds because if you forget which lake you lost your arsenal in they might be your only choice.
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    As a hands-on kind of person, I found watching the three DIY videos kind of painful. My hat's off to the guy for doing the project in the first place, but the second generation build could be a lot better.

    His biggest error in design was not planning for repair: specifically, spring and firing pin replacement.
    Welding the collar on the firing pin was a mistake. A small hole thru the firing pin, a couple of washers, and a cotterpin would have been less work and fully repairable.

    Ditto on the screws welded in place. They could have just been pushed in and retained by the stock of the shotgun.

    Weld the barrel pieces together differently: Grind a nice clean 45 degree bevel on the front of the outer tube, and drill a 1/2" diameter hole thru the underside of it about 2" from the beveled end. Then drive the two tubes together and plug-weld the hole. Out-of-sight, quick & easy, and zero chance the tubes would ever come apart.

    I really like the from-scratch shotgun shells. Nice job, there.

    Just some thoughts.
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    Critical content is good...if it improves functionality, ease of manufacture and maintenance, and improves safety...that is all to the good. I am not suggesting that his is the optimal solution...but osted it to stimulate thinking and show what can be achive without industrial manufacturing infrastructure and equipment.

    As I get time, I'll probably post suitable clips which expands on the videos in the OP.
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