DIY Single Use Packs for Antibiotic Ointments and More -

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    DIY Single Use Packs for Antibiotic Ointments and More

    This technique would be useful for making single use sachets of oils, unguents, granules, liquids and powders. Use food grade straws for edible contents.

    Instead of using naked flame to seal ends, you could use a crimping iron or a heating element used for vacuum sealing.

    You could use this technique for making condiments and sweetener sachets in DIY MRE ration packs.

    You could make fire lighting sachets using pottasium permangenate and sugar in separate sachets.

    Depending on the type of plastic tubing used, they should be reasonably robust and water proof.
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    That is SO Kool !!! And small enough to fit ten in a pocket. Thanks!
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