Dodge Journey vs Subaru Forester

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  1. TheEconomist

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    I am looking at a base model in both.

    the Dodge Journey 2013 is going to run me $24,000 over 60 months at 2.9%

    Subaru Forester 2013 is $28,250 over 63 months at 0%

    we have a 70 lbs malamute and baby on the way. The monthly payment is not an issue as they will both be about the same.

    Any thoughts/advice?
  2. Which base model on each? The SXT 4 cylinder 2 wheel drive Journey and the 2.5X PZEV on the Subaru?
  3. UGRev

    UGRev Get on with it!

    I will never own another Subaru. IMO, they are junk. The AWD sucks. I went with a mitsubishi after trading in my outback. Their AWD is far better. This is from personal experience after owning both for a number of years.
  4. tulianr

    tulianr Don Quixote de la Monkey

    I have a Forester, and when I get rid of it, I'll get another Forester. I drive a lot - about four hundred miles a week. It does great on all surfaces, in all weather. I've driven it through the snow when it the bumper was pushing snow ahead of it like a snow plow. It's never hydroplaned on me. It has plenty of pick up on the interstates, and handles great. I can fold down the seats and put my animals in it, or pick up lumber, or haul boxes. Until I bought this car, I'd never had a Subaru, but after this, I'll always have a Subaru.
  5. UGRev

    UGRev Get on with it!

    Ever ran a mitsubishi of equivalent frame? I bet you would change your mind. ;)
  6. Tikka

    Tikka Monkey+++

    We have a couple of AWDs and IMO, the bottom line is tires.

    Although we own different makes of vehicle, both have the Haldex AWD. As hers has All Season tires and mine has Mud and Snow tires. When a wet spring made the road a 6-8" mud hole going up hill, mine drove in and hers wouldn't. The disadvantage is I lost 1.5 MPG when I replaced the Michelin Hydra Edges with General Altimax Arctics. Currently I am running the Yokohama Geolandar; as wear has not been as good with the Yokos when they are worn I'll replace them with another set of Altimax Artics.

    The avatar would not get into the house after a rain. ;)
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  7. UGRev

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    I don't entirely agree on the basis of the different types of AWD systems.

    Tires definitely help, but the AWD is the deciding factor on how it transfers that power to the wheels and thus the end point which is the tread. Granted, bald tires would make your comment 100% truth, but would you really do that?

    I do this regularly in central ny:
    (not my vehicle, but it's the model I own)

    The one thing I will absolutely give Subaru. They know how to make a car feel like truck and if you're going off-roading, I'd probably take the subaru as the mitsu is more designed for really bad weather and not for mountain climbing. But if I was going to go off-roading, I would buy something that does that by design, not as a quasi after-thought or by-product of the original intent.
  8. BTPost

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    I had a Subaru HatchBack back in the early 90's that we bought used, with 75K Miles.... When we sold it, in town it had 235K miles on it, and still going strong. Interior was trashed, but the Running Gear was still good. Sold it to the oldest daughter and they ran it to 250K Miles, and then sold it, local, to a college Kid for $1200US. This was BEFORE AWD, and it had Front Wheel Drive in 2WD, and a Manual 4WD Transfer Case. would love to have it back, for a Town Car, again....
  9. CATO

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    Yes. You of all people should know NOT to buy new. Buy used and don't take the automatic depreciation hit--it's like going to a strip club with a blind-fold on.

    New cars are for suckers. Spend the savings on a huge supply of food (don't forget baby and dog) and a way to transport it. Next, buy a couple of set of baby clothes at each interval (6-12, 12-18, 18-24, 2T, 3T, etc). If SHTF, you're not going to be able to go to Target anymore.

    You're not thinking as a prepper on this issue (thrifty, planning ahead). Do you think your bank is going to be there 60 months from now? If so, by all means, forge ahead. I'll be happy to eat some crow. If I'm right, you'll really be eating crow . . . and maybe opossum, wishing you had that food for that kid.
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  10. Tikka

    Tikka Monkey+++

    Yup, the tread is where traction is or isn't. Although it could not climb the hill, the AWD amazed me with it's ability to keep the vehicle straight. We live on a dirt road which follows the contour of the land which is steep. The way to describe it is no paved road is legal with the grade. Maybe all season tires work where you are; but they don't here.. When it is real bad, I have chains and need chains.


    Ice and steep hills are a bit more challenging than snow.


    As you can see, there is a nice drop off which adds to it. Most places there are trees which will stop a vehicle; there is too much rock there for trees.

    She is from near Syracuse; so I have an upstate NY expert in house.. She says it isn't the snow or ice but the grades. ;)
    157. 148.
  11. UGRev

    UGRev Get on with it!

    Yeah, the grades do the job, man. I will say this. I used to live in plattsburgh, Massena, I grew up around the lower Appalachia (the trail was 2 mi from my house). You want to talk hills, you go it. :) I completely understand this concept and I will back up my statement any day of the week. Chains on 2wd ... plowing through the stuff.. yeah, we were that crazy. Back roads as windy as a curled up snake.. yep, ran those too. The terrain you posted in the picture was common around there. Stickin to my guns.. Mitsu AWD is superior. Btw, when I mean off-roading, I mean this: ffdf98b9805c4ff1bee81d73a9bdcbed.

    I wouldn't take either car in that type of terrain. It's not meant for that. That's why they make true 4x4.
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  12. Pax Mentis

    Pax Mentis Philosopher King |RIP 11-4-2017

    No choice to be made IMO.

    I grew up in the car business and buying a current year model vehicle is just plain foolish.
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  13. Tikka

    Tikka Monkey+++

    The neighbors with 4WD or AWD wearing all seasons park them and walk in. There are two hills, the one is easily as steep as your picture and the other has two switchbacks or S shapes so a vehicle can climb it. Last winter a wet spring made a 30 yard mud run varying in depth from 5" to where the skid plate on a 3/4 Chevy 3x4 rubbed. At night it would freeze so it was dangerous as heck in the mornings.

    The first picture is my backyard. :D


    Here it is again after the trees lost their leaves. The flat was created by a big CAT. We live on a ridge line so it can get brutal here in winter.

    My point was I live where a 4WD (3x4) cannot drive to my house when it snows or after a ice storm without real mud and snow tires. It isn't having fun with a good 4WD, it is going to work or coming home from work. Here they mix what you posted with rock crawling; judging by the damage to their vehicles and I wouldn't do it myself. Again, that is a sport, not coming home or going to work.


    OTOH, it is beautiful here, the above is taken out one of the windows above the kitchen sink.
    ffdf98b9805c4ff1bee81d73a9bdcbed. 475. 54.
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  14. tulianr

    tulianr Don Quixote de la Monkey

    Tikka, you just need a mule on snow shoes. I love the mountains, but your situation is why I settled for the foothills. If I could totally retire, I'd love to have a place like yours. While I still have to get out to make money, I'll have to compromise.
  15. CATO

    CATO Monkey+++

    At least you can see the Little Birds coming in.
  16. Tikka

    Tikka Monkey+++

    It is only bad when the weather is bad. ;) The peace and beauty is addictive and we love it here and pray for mild winters.

    During the big ice storm of 2005(?) we were without power for 2 weeks and the backyard looked as if they filmed the battle scene from Braveheart.


    Next year down came a bunch of Tulip Poplars. Although they aren't good firewood they fed the stove for two plus winters. :D

    As we still work, she parks with the neighbors and I take her to her vehicle and pull off the chains. I have played around with it and one wheel with chains does work.

    I have a weather station and our personal high for wind was 63 MPH.
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  17. Tikka

    Tikka Monkey+++

    As there is a Little Bird on display in Fayetteville's Airborne and Special Ops museum, they are obsolete for SOCOM. Today they'd be flying whatever crashed in Bin Laden's compound. ;)

    In summer that would be wise as the slopes here are thick with poison oak. LOL
  18. UGRev

    UGRev Get on with it!

    That was an awesome view, Tikka.. I'm jealous.
  19. CraftyMofo

    CraftyMofo Monkey+++

    Top Lesbian Cars

    Seriously, though...from what you guys describe, I'd look at a Toyota FJ...
  20. Tikka

    Tikka Monkey+++

    Thanks, it is beautiful here. The yard was graded, so the rest of the land is uselessly steep. Our biggest complaint is there are too many deer to have a garden.

    As we get in and out, why spend money and lose mpg?
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