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  1. GrandpaDave

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    Not that long ago I wrote an article on Dog Backpacks

    did you know there happens to be a very active community of dog packers???

    Anyway your dog needs to be trained to carry a pack... start off light and work up in weight... make sure the bag rides on their shoulders not on their backs...

    after all who said mans best friends cant carry their own food and water?
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  2. wrc223

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    My dog gets a drag bag. She thinks it is a majical experience to drag something all over the place. She has had her own drag bag for about three years now. I have a multi layered bag I made of leather,canvas, and a coated membrane for water sealing. Tie a 3'x 3/4" rope w/ a knot in the end of it and she is ready to drag. I can put all kinds of neat stuff in it and she will drag that thing as long as we are moving. If I dont give her that, she will drag her bag that is made of heavy canvas with leather reinforcements in key drag areas. She has all kinds of dog stuff in there.
    She is a Malamute so she has that thick neck and loves to pull.
  3. Truman

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    This kind of bag needs balance the weight of both sides, my friend's dog have a dog bag is carry at its back. With dog move, the bag also italicly moved to one side.
  4. beast

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    one of those sled dog harnesses and a pair of bicycle saddle bags made to fit
    works wonders as a dog pack, you can even add to them or get larger ones
    and with the harness in place the dog is ready to pull a load too
    like a small travois or cart, which can also be loaded lightly
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    Thanks for posting

    and thanks for the link to an interesting and informative site.
  6. Hispeedal2

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    I have one for my pup. He carries his own anytime I have to. If you need a nice foldable bowl for free, try the bottom of a milk jug. They "roll" up nice to fit in those little pockets.

    I watched my dog swim for a mile in one.... upstream. Literally, a mile. I was wading up a river, fishing as I was moving. I figured he would go to shore and walk along with me... nope. Darn, fit bugger just kept swimming circles around me- in his pack. I think he's part Navy SEAL or something.
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