Dog saves man from bear attack; man repays dog by eating him

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    Dog gone sad story......

    Hiker Rescued After Months in Woods, Days From Death - Marco Lavoie's campsite was attacked by a bear in August

    An incredible story of survival out of northwestern Quebec, where a 44-year-old was rescued as few as 24 hours before officials believe he would have likely died. Marco Lavoie set off on July 16 for what he intended to be a two-month spell in the woods, reports the Canadian Press. The timeline of what happened between that date and Oct. 30 is somewhat mushy: About a month after his departure, a bear attacked his campsite, leaving him without food or gear. Sgt. Ronald McInnis tells ABC News, "His dog went between the man and the bear and protected him." Unconfirmed reports say Lavoie was later forced to eat the German shepherd; McInnis wouldn't comment on that detail other than to say the dog did not survive, reports CNN. But the details that have been confirmed are pretty jarring: Lavoie lost nearly half his body weight and had begun to suffer from hypothermia, having weathered snow and temps below freezing. He was essentially unable to eat, drink, or speak when he was found, having been spotted by helicopter along the Nottaway River on Wednesday, nine days after a missing persons report was filed (as an experienced outdoorsman, Lavoie's family wasn't initially concerned when he didn't return as scheduled). Lavoie is expected to recover after what will likely be weeks spent on an IV, and police are waiting to talk to him about his experience. One survival instructor, talking to the Montreal Gazette, had this to say: "Up there, in the Canadian shield, there's little plant life to live off so he would have been slowly, painfully dying when they found him. It's an amazing feat that he was able to keep himself alive this long with almost no equipment." (Click to read about another tale of survival involving a bear.)
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    Care more about the dog then this moron that did not bring a rifle with him. Dog should have let the bear have him!
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  3. BTPost

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    Roger that but some of these Yahoos depend on their Dogs to deal with critters....
  4. Mountainman

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    Clueless people are amazing and it does not bother me at all when they get taken out.
  5. kellory

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    This one has Darwin Award potential. I don't care if the guy is a vegan. He should have brought a weapon for theft/ threat. No excuses. Mother Nature can be a mother f#%#@r sometimes.
    The guy they made a movie about who had to cut off his own hand to get free from a shifted rock, if he had had a long gun he could have signaled for help, or at the very least he might have used the barrel as a lever and freed his hand.
    Take a weapon when venturing out. So simple a caveman could do it.
  6. Hosster

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    The dog should have ate him.

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  7. VHestin

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    I don't leave our property without at least my cellphone and a multi-tool swiss army knife type thing. Well unless I'm just walking to neighbor's, but even then I still have cellphone.
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    So the bear ate his gun, fishing line, trapping wire, axe and knives? I guess NOT HAVING ANYTHING LIKE TOOLS FOR SURVIVAL would make it tough. Stupid bear.
  9. VHestin

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    Did they actually call him an 'experienced outdoorsman'?! If that's experienced, what's the opposite? What I am wanting to know is if he stayed in one place or try and go for help once his supplies were gone. How did he get where he was? If he had a vehicle within 20miles, he should have done what he could to reach it.
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  10. VHestin

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    I looked up more about this story, and the more I found out, the STUPIDER he seems. If he was as experienced as is claimed, he would have had a plan in case something happened to his supplies. Part of me wants to blame shows like Survivor where the contestants have the show's staff to bail them out if need be.
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  11. kellory

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    Hanging a bearbag , was standard practice in the Boy Scouts when I was a kid. Why? Because if a bear can smell your food, it becomes his food. They even make (unnessisary) armored casks to hang in trees, to prevent this type of problem.
    A bag or net and a rope, is all that is needed to bear proof your food and gear.
  12. VHestin

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    Well I am glad this guy is in Canada, because if he was in my town, I'd go to his house and whack him on the head with a rolled up newspaper. BAD HUMAN!

    One article said he had canoe'd to get where he was, and the bear also 'trashed' his canoe. I can't stand people who think that because they're such 'nature lovers', nothing bad will happen to them. These people won't understand nature until it bites them on the butt, and sometimes not even then.
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    I give a +1 to the locals that saved this guy, but sometimes you have to think that we have spent way too much time screwing with natural selection. A 45-70 would have ensured this guy and his dog had enough meat to last most of the winter, and would have given him a good blanket to boot.

    If our friends in Canada have any common sense, this guy will never be allowed to own a dog again.
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  14. oldawg

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    If we would just quit interfering with the Darwin rule this world wouldn't be nearly so screwed up. Just one old geezers opinion.
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  15. kellory

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    Even vegans would have to agree, that natural selection is....natural.
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  16. VHestin

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    I wouldn't know about that, since IMO they want to deny nature(given that they're trying to base diet on social reasons, not biological/natural ones).
  17. JLRhiner

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    If he was a vegan, why'd he eat the dog?
  18. cranky1

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    well folks, up here north of 60, people have eaten more that just their dogs!
  19. kellory

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    Donner, party of 46...donner, party of 46.....oh, only 45 tonight? Right this way....
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