Dogs in SHTF situation

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    Dogs in a SHTF situation.AVI - YouTube

    This is one guy making an arguement for the dog in a SHTF situation.

    his question is mine. What do you think of having a dog in a SHTF siuation.
  2. VisuTrac

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    dog can smell and see trouble way sooner than these old eyes can.
    they can delay an attacker if necessary
    and plus they can keep your feet warm.
  3. Tikka

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    Dogs hear about 200 times better than we humans..

    Thousands of years ago, there was a reason man let dog join the campfire.
  4. weegrannymush

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    For sure, they (most of them) can be a good Early Warning System. I think overall they would be an attribute to the situation - however, they do need food and medical care, obviously. The former might not be too much of a problem since they will eat just about anything....but keeping them in topnotch condition might not be as easy as it is today. During WWII, and before the days of packaged dog food, my folks fed the dog "saps" (bread and milk), kitchen and table leftovers, and "lights" and scrap meat from the butcher. Vet care is another matter entirely and will probably be largely unobtainable in a SHTF situation. So if the illness or injury was severe or very painful, there would be only one (merciful) solution.

    My own thoughts would be to go along with the situation and see how it develops. I would not make a hasty decision to "get rid of the dog". Personally, the idea of living without dogs in such horrendous times is unthinkable - they are such a wonderful addition to everyday life. However, given the stories we are hearing on the fate of thousands of pets in Japan, we would have to be prepared to make sure our animals did not suffer in that way.
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  5. Tikka

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    Good warning and they will cover your back.
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    pcw907, like yourself we had to put down our german shepherd a couple months ago because of her failing health. We couldn't bear to watch her suffer anymore. It is not an easy decision even when you know it is best.

    A dog in a SHTF like others have mentioned, they hear much better than we do for early detection and good protection. Some breeds can have that intimidation or deterrent factor that could prevent an otherwise bad situation.
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  7. Waz

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    One thing about Dogs, Loyalty, literally will die for their Owner, and protect our children, not only against the two legged animals of this World, but a Dog is great to have near your Kids, snakes etc, only down side I can think of is Noise, if someone is trying to be silent, sometimes Dogs just can't help barking at danger, One ours is the Worlds Best watch dog, she will guard any corner she can find and hide, at least our hiding spots will be safe, the other, well she has no fear, even though small, Jack Russells (larger Ones), the fearless One won't hesitate attacking
  8. Witch Doctor 01

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    especially if it's a de-barked Chihuahua... to go with my silenced.22 converted ar... and tacticool wheelbarrow.... ;)[stirpot]
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  9. Alpha Dog

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    I have worked with my Pit Bull and German Shepard and feel they are a very important part of my team. Security, tracking, Hunting and most important friendship. I know both my dogs would give their life for me and as stupid as it sounds I would for them. The one thing and I have done is on your prep list make sure to include them. Another plus alot of animal med that are legal to buy is the exact as the human meds that are not legal just in lower doses. With a little research you can learn to convert it. Another important thing is with your dog work with him teach him the difference from aggressive and passive alerting they are alot smarter than people think. I trained mine in German and how to go for the hand that holds a weapon or for unarmed how to back them in a corner and hold until I release, control is a must for your dog.
  10. DKR

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    I'm lazy


    Dogs, like people, should not try to carry more than 1/3 of their own body weight. Dogs, like people can pull 2 to 3 times their own body weight.


    You can one for yourself or buy a commercial product. For folks with a dog and a
    bad back
    bad knees
    small children
    a need for hands free transport (walking security, etc)

    A dog cart may be just the thing. Until horses made theri way to the New World, dogs were the beast of burden.

    Besides,how cool is it to walk your dog with a cart - you need the exercise anyway - yes?
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  11. TheEconomist

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  12. gmt48

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    I have two dogs, a pit bull and a german shepherd. They are fully integrated members of my immediate family. My dogs are happiest when they have a job to do and can receive praise and reward for doing their job well. Both of my dogs' are responsible for personal and perimeter security. As such, they are both valuable assets that I could not imagine not having in a SHTF situation. How well they perform is a direct result of the trusting relationship I've developed with them and the training they've received. I pity the dirtbags that choose to invade my domain; I can guarantee they will be "greeted" quite enthusiastically by my "welcoming committee".
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  13. DKR

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    BUt the Iditarod is THE dog sled race for he world... Willow to Nome
    1049 miles of some of the most rugged terrain on Planet Earth

    The route map

    Jeff King of the the super-stars of mushing
  14. TheEconomist

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    It looks like Mr. King is using some hybrid breeds mixed with Siberian and Alaskan huskies...I have read about that being the way to go!
  15. fedorthedog

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    Assuming that I think I will be able to avoid bugging out I plan to hit the pound the minute it looks like we tipped over. I have a large unaltered male dog and plan to grab 2-3 large breed bitches. The dogs will never see the inside of the house. They will roam the property and act as security/warning devices and to keep wildlife from eating my birds and live stock. Keep in mind if things go bad long term there will only be one type of dog and that is mutt. If you pick the wrong size dogs they will not be able to drive off a bear or cougar and will be less intimidating to people.
  16. weegrannymush

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    W-e-l-l, if you are all going to use your dogs as outside guards, you had better not get too attached to them. Sooner or later, and probably sooner, they are going to be SHOT or otherwise disposed of. Even the most determined and fiercest dog in the world cannot fight a bullet (or poison either for that matter.) I don't see any way out of this particular dilemma.....but then, I am not the Operations Expert that most of you are. Would appreciate knowing if you have any solutions for this, preferably ones that will do the job of protection WITHOUT sacrificing our dogs, or at least lessening the chances of this.
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  17. Tikka

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    No, it doesn't sound stupid.

    When things happen; doers don't think they do. By the time thinkers get done thinking; it is already over.
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  18. chelloveck

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    Security dogs in the front line have a risky existence

    Security dogs in the front line have a risky existence, but there are some measures that can be taken to improve their odds of survival.

    I understand that the risk of poisoning may be mitigated through the dog to only accept food that you have placed for them. As to protecting your canine guards against being taken out by shooters, that may be a matter of homestead defence design and again, possibly training.

    As for guard dogs, try and remove the shooter's ability to engage at stand off distances....that may be done by visual screening...what the shooter can't see, they can't hit with certainty. Dogs rely much more on smell and hearing than sight, so visual screening against long distance engagement ranges may not degrade your dog's early detection value all that much. Body armour has been developed for police and military there is a possible option...though probably an expensive one and not without its disadvantages in hot climates. Body armour for dogs may possibly not be readily available in some jurisdictions, but may possibly be improvised.

    Canines trained as attack dogs undoubtedly will become a priority target for those armed and attacking goblins who are threatened by your canine guards. That is a primal fear and it will more than likely distract them for a short while from engaging you. The best that you can do for your dog is to quickly neutralise the threat that the goblin poses, while they are distracted by your dog(s).

    Edit. Small yappy early warning threat detection dogs make for smaller targets once they change from stealthy detection mode to noise making. mode. Train the dogs to dodge and weave whilst they are making an alert raising racket. Out on patrol you may need a quiet dog who will give early warning without raising the dead, and compromising your position.
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  19. Tikka

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    Never mind the dog; beware the owner.

  20. tulianr

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    I see my dogs as a force multiplier; much in the same way that armor (a tank) is a force multiplier for infantry. Armor, without infantry and/or air support, is vulnerable. Together though, they make one heck of a team. Perhaps, in the case of some dogs, Military Intelligence is more analogous than armor. Not all dogs are biters.

    Certainly in my own case, that is true. I have six dogs, but only one of them is a proven biter (have already had to pay a claim over a FedEx driver that didn't realize that when my dog said "No" he meant "No", and the driver opened the back porch door anyway).

    Primarily, I expect my dogs to perform an early warning service. They can see better than I, can smell better than I, can hear better than I, and are light sleepers. I don't expect them to win the fight. I expect them to act as a deterrent, and to provide early warning to me that a fight may be imminent. As soon as they have performed their early warning task, I will be providing overwatch for them. It's not their job to take out an armed assailant (though a dog trained for the job certainly could under certain circumstances); it's mine.

    I see dogs as a definite asset, and can't imagine living without one (or more).
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