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    I never cease to be amazed at how some asshole can come right out of the dark and start attacking your personal integrity for no apparent reason. They ask questions but then state they don't want you to answer while all the questions do is point out that they have made their own mind up without regard for what ever the true answer is. The point is that I accidentally hit reply to all on my email while sending a note to a friend. The message that I replied to had been forwarded a couple of times and had accumulated several email addresses. One man took offense at this and sent me a request to remove him from my email list; I don't actually have a list of people that I email. A simple request except that this guy has to go further and get personal about shit he has no business with. So I answered his questions and he writes me back with more questions but says not to email him any more so I'll post his questions here on this blog and answer them for anyone that wants to know.

    "Thanks for your reply, Darrel. However, my email did not request a reply. It obviously caused you to investigate me by googling me. Why???? Don't you have better things to do with your time? And what is "SE 2ond St."?If you "really don't" call yourself a "salvage master", then why are you vain enough to sign your emails that way? My momma and daddy could not have afforded to send me through commercial diving school either. I earned the tuition by serving our country in the US Navy.

    If you are a mixed gas supervisor, you know that there is no such thing as "a simple accident". And if that were the case, how did you get both my email addresses? You obviously copied them from an email from Jeff Thompson, as he is the only one who puts both my email addresses in his forward lists. It doesn't matter; I forgive you. Just don't email me anymore. Have a great week.

    Cheers, Marc :eek:)

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    <font size="2">consider it done.
    But to answer your questions, maybe I got it on trying to sell a iron cross or a battle flag, or maybe I read "Diving into History" by Brad Bertelli, or maybe I google earthed SE 2ond St. in Ft. Lauderdale looking for assholes that leave their phone number on jewish war vet sites while trying to buy Nazi souvenirs, but actually I just hit reply all to email a friend instead of typing his addy...just a simple accident.
    AS for calling myself salvage master; well, I really don't do that but the two very well known international salvage companies that I work for (that pay me very well) they keep calling me that. In fact, they call me Senior Salvage Master most of the time and they know that I didn't go to dive school but they also know that I got all the ADC certs and you know that MG supervisor exam is a bitch. I probably should have gone to dive school, but they really didn't have very many of them when I started diving and my mom ma and daddy probably couldn't have afforded to send me any way.
    And if Jeff has any problems with me, he a cool enough dude to call me and let me know.</font>

    <font size="2">Best Regards,
    Captain Darrell Wallace
    Senior Salvage Master Resolve Marine Group
    Svitzer-wjismuller Salvage</font>

    And to answer your questions here, yea, I'm generally pretty busy but I can always make time to deal with an asshole. Oh, and the 2ond st. thing is the google earth location from the phone number published in all you solicitations for people wanting to experience the "Hardhat" diving thing.
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