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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by thermax, Feb 28, 2012.

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    I've been watching Doomsday Preppers on NG. After each segment the experts say something like " the government says the chance of super inflation, pandemic, massive volcano, EMP etc is about .0000243 %" In other words the preppers are over reacting to a perceived problem the is most likely not going to happen.
    Then it dawned on me! When did I first become worried about these problems?


    EMP, after watching Electronic Armageddon, Pandemics and violence in the city, the history channel's After Armageddon. In After Armageddon they bring on experts that tell us how bad its going to be after this or that and warn us to get ready. Hollywood's endless run of epidemic movies. In all the specials we are always told its coming get ready. When we do the very same people attempt to make preppers feel foolish. However I feel its going to back fire and more people are going to get on board the the preppers.
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    My wife quoted the experts after watching a few episodes. I told her the experts also missed the financial crisis and many other things. I prep for the worst and hope for the best. I would rather have peace of mind than to worry about people thinking i'm crazy.I already know I am crazy but it has nothing to do with prepping :)
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    EMP from Solar, and CME are about as common as Jet Engines, Fallin from the Sky thru your Roof..... Economic Disruptions are very common, and a likely senerio... but usually can be coped with by Prep'ers. Natural Disaster like Earth Quakes are a yearly thing, but they are distributed widely and many years apart, for any ONE area. Yellowstone Super volcano is so rare as to be fantasy....My Opinion... YMMV....

    I think the Producers of NatGeo use the Doomsday Senerios as just the HYPE to sell the shows, and very few of them are REAL Issues for Prep'ers to get excited about....
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    It might be politically incorrect for the producers of doomsday preppers to state pure current day facts. I work for a railroad and i've gone from seeing the homeless camps along the rails that years ago had the single men to now much larger camps with families. reminded me of the grapes of wrath. My main concern for collapse is those Yahoo's in Wash. D.C. not emp or the flu.
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    These camp's were called Hobo's camp's...What are they called now ?
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    IMO, these "preppers" aren't doing us any favors. Thought it was some relief when prepping started hitting mainstream, but it became painfully clear that this show seeks to paint us as crazy's.

    Eff that.. I'm not doing anything my grandparents didn't do and back then it was called "Normal". So Eff NAT GEO and screw those jack asses that took the bait..
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    Thats one of the things that gets me too with the show is the experts keep telling that the probablity is so low on all the seneriost. It kind of makes me wonder if Big Brother is not pushing the show toward the ones that are just starting to prep. We all know how some sheeple are well it was on the tv so it must be true. I also wonder how long it will be before the Feds starts to go after the ones like from NC that was talking about about how many guns and ammo he has. Or like the girl that open her curtain with the capital in the background. Big Brother snag them up classify them as a threat then paint all preppers as crazed peopled who are a danger to society. Which I dont do any preps or own any firearms. I have faith in Big Brother so they don't need to come here they can focus on the non-believer'so_O
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    I love the show ...... not the people and their ignorance. They get what they get for bragging and yet NG are prepping for season 2 .

    now season1 is 20 or so people and 4 are in deep sheit. Taking votes on the totals busted in season 2 .
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    Do you think prices will go up more and more on useful items if the prepping becomes popular from this show? Supply and demand be can a bitch.....
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    Prices are going up due to fuel Price rises, more than due to Publicity...
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    If anything I hope it raises some awareness, but I do not see items jumping off the shelf because of the show's popularity. The sheople will do what they have always done.
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    That and did you see him shoot the 10/22 with his son almost in front of him? And when he tried to clear it he came close to pointing it at his sons head.

    Makes you wonder.

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    I haven't seen the latest episode yet - still have it on my DVR. Guess I'm going to have to make time for it this weekend.
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    been watching this and ill have to say i have learned a couple of tricks yet some of the stuff is laughable, like the 2 stories about earthquake preppers that stack glass jars 3 deep 6ft tall shelves 50 ft long ? whats up with that:) a girl in houston bugging out by herself to mexico? good luck sweety she changed her tune on that one and will bug out north good job!
    if a earthquake happens there they will be up to there asses in tomatoes and glass, basically destroying most of there food.
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    Yeah, I was thinking the exact same thing. Im not going to lie, most people on this show are just laughable.
  17. E.L.

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    It's entertaining, and evidently the ratings are through the roof. The one good thing I learned, coating eggs with mineral oil will evidently give them a shelflife of up to a year without refrigeration if kept in a cool, dark environment.
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    Seems that they looked for the same type of people they look for after a hurricane or flood, some dude wading down the street chest deep in flood water holding an umbrella over his head, grinning with about 3 teeth in his mouth. And, as for their experts, I don't recall any of them predicting the economic collapse in 2008, or the raging increase in fuel prices. All of their "experts" seem to be educated beyond their intelligence!
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    when does this silly show come on and on what channel or network? I don't watch TV very often.
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