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    Well these first two Sets of Folks on the show tonite, were very good examples, and would fit right in here on the Monkey. Doug was a very intelligent Prep'er and An excellent RoleModel, for his Ranger Students. I would bet he would be a GREAT Monkey, if he knew about this place. Did you notice the Sign of his School, they panned across it very fast in the show. The Alberta Canada Family were good, but I wonder if they really were able to Get the Handguns, with Canada's Very Limited and Restrictive, Gun Policies. Now the Flower Children... Well they have a Great Bunker.... but I hope they also have 50KUSG of Diesel Fuel and a 250 Kw Genset, to power all that stuff, when the Grid goes Down, because that place is going to get awful cold, without the Electrical Power to Run it..... Just Say'em... YMMV....
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    I'm not a big fan of "sons of guns", but, I know quite a few people who have become very interested in their right to exercise the 2nd amendment..

    Probably the same is happening with the prepper shows.. Will bring some sheeple into the fold and awaken them..

    Drive prices up.. lol
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    Been away for a bit ( computer fried!) Anyhoo...
    I love watching the NGC programs so I get some great laughs....I have had 4 people call and ask me if they get paid to go on that show....My response is simple: "why would you expose yourself to the goobs?" Someseem to think of the whole thing as a money making enterprise....You know, we call them NUTS! Then you have the so-called experts that grade others preps, IF that is what they really are.......I have my druthers...but then I have seen ads asking for people even here, to go out on a short limb and give away the farm.
    I take it all wiht a grain of salt, like a roadrunner/coyote cartoon.
    Some of the people seem ok, but some are so far out in left field it makes your head spin!
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    My wife was recording this program for me..after the first few episodes I told her not to bother unless she wanted to watch it,I was done.
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    TV pays right well; so maybe??

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