Dry and string onions for storage

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    Two different methods to store onions - the first video uses a sting loop, the second uses a more classic plaiting with string for support.

    Last year my son had a bumper crop of onions (he lives in Texas, with a long growing season) and was soon awash in onions. He had great fun teaching his daughters how to 'braid' the onions. Having several long stings stored in the pantry made for both ease of access and a wonderful smell.

    Sun drying works 'better' if you turn the bulbs or use a rack to keep the bulb off the ground.

    Onions should be, IMO, part of every garden, 'survival' or not./ garlic is another plant to consider...

    Along with peppers, Onions are another great food stretcher and a wonderful source of Vitamin C. So good in fact, that many long distance sea voyagers use onions rather than limes/other citrus for their Vitamin C.

    (See Dr Hannes Lindemann's Atlantic voyage in a kayak in this earlier post Book Review - Alone at Sea Dr Hannes Lindemann)
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    If they don't touch they last a lot longer
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    Not sure about touching but I always told to braid loosely. Like drying herbs, you want the air to flow through and around them.
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    Recycle/upcycle. Thanks!
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    only good use for pantyhose IMO.
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