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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by beast, Sep 24, 2011.

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    just got some good/bad news
    the 2 daughters that have moved back home are prego
    2 more mouths to feed
    theyve already decimated my food stores
    this springs weather kept me from growing new
    should i be happy or? i duuno
    the ones hubby is a vet from iraq, his idea of living is spend every penny on toys
    so far hes picked up a boat, 4-wheeler, rv and 3 cars he cant finish paying for
    but they cant afford a house of heir own
    i do seriously feel one hell of an asskickin comin on
    the other son in law is a good worker but has the same money probs, spends $600. week on partying with his buddies
    my girls sure pick em dont they?
    now im told oldest daughter was forcibly evicted from her inlaws home by CPS, it seems their house is a serious garbage dump
    20 some cats, no litterbox, several dogs, no yard, and wall to wall piles of everything they have ever owned, broken or working it gets saved
    may have them moving back now too
    anybody need a beast around their BOL?....lol
  2. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    I am a little confused .... Do you have two extra mouths to feed, and soon to be 4 or more? Or, do you have 4 extra mouths to feed, and soon to be 6 or more?
    If it is only your daughters having moved back in, I would tell them it is time to file for divorce, or go home to your husbands. I would tell them I would support and assist them only if they shed the dead wood and sit down with you and your wife to figure a plan for the future, because, sure as heaven and hell, the two daughters aren't going to be allowed to lay around your house like welfare queens. Some sort of schooling for decent job or useable skill post SHTF should be in order. After delivery, they could switch off on the baby care duties between themselves and at least work or school part time. You raised these ladies, ..... they should have some of your work ethic and values ingrained. If they don't you are fighting an uphill mountain of a battle, and some of the blame lays at your feet. I shouldn't need to belabor this. Your girls are family, their worthless hubands are not. They made a bed. Now do they lay in it or come home. I got pushed out of the nest at 17 and went into the service. My stepsisters knew their walking papers would arrive at 21 years of age. They made their way as well.
    Pray on it, and then do what you believe is right, and stick to your guns. It's your house, and your rules! Buck up man.
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