dutch arrow.

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  1. fish

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    anyone here use them?

    theres a few different patterns,the most popular using just a string to launch it with,heres the model we used to make,its a cross between a dutch arow and an atlatl.


    heres a vid of a chap making and using one with just the string:

    Swiss arrow - VisWiki

    thanks for looking.
  2. Brokor

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    That's not just any old chap, that's Dave Canterbury and he is well known for his survival skills. His most recent stuff deals with a show called "Dual Survival", produced by the Discovery Channel.

    Nope, never used one of those. Looks kinda silly. I am favoring the slingshot!
  3. Diddy

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    I also saw a vid where Dave was effectivley shooting an arrow with a modified sling-shot. More ingenious and creative than useful but still, he is always thinking outside the box and showing people how to do out of the ordinary things with ordinary itmes.
  4. Brokor

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    Yup, I agree. I made a video on it also, but entirely separate from his because this is something that has been around quite a while and I am not sure of its origin. I actually got the idea from myself acting stupid one day, but I didn't get the cemented idea until I watched a video on suvivalistboards youtube channel, which also led me to Dave's own rendition. The whisker biscuit was a great idea, one that I am happy to have absorbed from videos. I think Dave used a keyring if I am not mistaken...hard to remember. It all works, though.
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