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    I thought this might be interesting
    Louisiana earthquake north east of stonewall,a little west of Shreveport,about 80miles from me.
    2.4 on 12/04/18
    I did not know Louisiana even had earthquakes until I started reading,it seems we have a few now and then.
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    Yup, but keep in mind how many oil/gas drilling sites are opened up all around you, too. The Craton edge all around on every side is up for a little movement now and then. More from Dutch Sinse: Recent North American earthquakes follow the Craton crust? -

    Even the Mass/NH area received a nice quake recently.
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    Love the way ''Fracking'' is thrown into the mix.
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    Not just fracking but sink holes as well
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    You guys want some shake, rattle, and roll, come out to the Wet Coast, we have um daily! Any thing less then a 4.0 doesn't even get noticed! a 5.0 gives folks something to talk about for a week or two!
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    That area to my knowledge has been shallow wells and not monster well like some in the Gulf
    Always had sink holes, Just not on the scale of Florida
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    Louisiana had the Bayou Corne sinkhole. That thing was the size of a lake.
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