Eating Healthier - Step one: No Microwave

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    I don't own a microwave now. It's not so much the electromagnetic radiation or quickly super-heated food, as it is about the food being placed into the microwave. In order to facilitate my transition from nuking to cooking, I no longer own a microwave.

    I purchased some additional cast-iron cookware.

    I purchased a deep fryer and healthy oils (zero trans fat) like corn oil, vegetable oil.

    I sometimes cook small meals in my toaster oven, and larger items in the stove/oven.

    I also use a "Lean, Mean Grilling Machine" to make myself some burgers, which is healthier than pan fried or BBQ grilled burgers.

    I use a rice cooker instead of the old fashioned way of rice, water, pan. This is for time constraint...thus, making rice cooking faster, easier, and better tasting (I think), which means I will make more of it. And I do!

    Foods for this week:
    -Salmon (pre-frozen)
    -Tilapia (fish) *link to health info*
    -Flounder (fish)
    -Yellow Fin Tuna (fish)
    -Haddock (fish)
    -Frozen fish (various) fillets (bulk)
    -85 percent lean beef made into patties
    -100% semolina Linguine
    -Pickled eggs, homemade (vinegar, water, demerara sugar, sliced beets, pickled beets, salt, red onions)
    -Sauerkraut and dumplings (Bisquick) with either vegetables or beef roast...or both
    -Italian bread with fresh garlic (on occasion)
    -Baby Spinach
    -Various Lettuce
    -Onions, Scallions

    -Water (lots)
    -V8 juice (can make my own, but not always cost effective.
    -Natural, non concentrated juice (blueberry, pomegranate, orange, apple, etc.)
    -Tea (I make all kinds of tea) Hot/Cold
    -Milk (local dist. that doesn't use growth hormones)

    *I snack on the veggies and fruits* I eat only two meals per day, with a glass of V8 in the morning with a piece of fruit or toast, or a cup of hot tea with the same. My two meals are afternoon and evening, and consist mainly of fish/rice.

    EXERCISE: I try to do some type of exercise daily, and work out in the gym twice per week. I stay well hydrated.

    SUPPLEMENTS: Currently, I am trying something different. Ginkgo Biloba as part of daily routine, but I am also using the Mega-T green tea supplement. I will let you know how it works out. Both are all natural. I take vitamin C just to be sure. Might be overkill.

    For those who may be sore after workouts; bananas and apples, even in juice form will help out tremendously.

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