Eating Healthier: The ABC's of fitness

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    The wrong things to eat lead to DISEASE:

    Red meat
    - Animal fats, lacks fiber
    Donuts, pastries - Fats, white flour, lacks fiber
    Sodas (diet) - chemical sweeteners
    Canned soups - MSG, high sodium, dead foods
    Snack chips, flavored snacks - Fried fats, MSG
    Juice drinks, fruit punch - Artificial colors, added sugars
    Candy bars - Added sugars
    Milk, cheese, dairy - Lacks fiber, homogenized fats
    Crackers, Cookies - Hydrogenated oils, white flour
    Breakfast cereals (sweetened) - White flour, added sugars
    Processed meats - High sodium and MSG, artificial preservatives
    Instant rice, instant grains- Lack fiber, refined grains
    Frozen fried foods - Hydrogenated oils, MSG
    Bread (non whole-grain) - Refined grains, added sugars
    Snack dips, artificial guacamole - Hydrogenated oils, MSG
    Shortening - Hydrogenated oils
    Salad dressings - Added sugars, MSG
    Diet shakes, meal shakes - Added sugars

    Not all of these foods listed above can be bad for moderation, and by buying organic, you can benefit from numerous foods that have been listed "bad". As long as you stay clear of products labeled as "diet" or "low fat", and never eat foods with ingredients you don't know or believe to be processed, you will lean more toward the healthier side of eating.

    The right things to eat lead to HEALTH:

    Raw fruits (all kinds)
    Vegetables (all kinds)
    Berries (all kinds)
    Sprouts : broccoli, alfalfa, etc.
    Soy: tofu, soy milk, etc.
    Healthy oils: flax, olive, macadamia, etc.
    Seeds: sesame, hemp, etc.
    Nuts: cashews, almonds, peanuts, etc.
    Fish oils: salmon, cod, etc.
    Sprouted grains
    Sea vegetables: kelp, kombu, etc.
    Whole grains
    Microalgae: spirulina, chlorella
    Blackstrap molasses
    Whole food concentrates
    Bran: oat, wheat, rice
    Protein powders: rice, soy
    Wheat germ
    Sunlight - you can't "eat" sunlight, but it does lead to healthy bones, organs, and brain.

    Many people cannot be expected to always eat healthy. It's hard work and expensive, but not impossible. Growing many of your own foods in a garden is helpful and can save you money, but it costs time and effort as an exchange. The more food that you eat on the side of "Healthy", the better.

    Download the full color .pdf with more details here.

    People who eat healthier sustain more energy, have smoother complexion, rarely get sick, and sleep more soundly.
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