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    Part of being prepared is an overall sense of and state of general preparedness. Preppers of all stripes have what they call EDC - Every Day Carry. These are items that are used daily or the prepper has a desire to keep said items on his or her person - just in case.

    Just in case is a mindset that many people cannot wrap their lives around. They are too busy worried about little Johnny's soccer game, or getting little Jill to dance class. Other circumstances like a vacation lead people to traveling long distances grossly unprepared for the unexpected. They think "I've got my cell phone, my On Star, and a wallet full of credit cards, what could possibly go wrong that I can't handle?". Even worse are those who don't even think about "what could go wrong".

    Now I do not lose sleep over being prepared. These items are on my person at all times, and I feel naked without them. I have made being prepared a part of my life, a habit. I do it without thinking. If I forget something, it nags at me, like wondering if you forgot to turn off the iron before you left the house.

    To review the items. In my belt pouch on my left side: Cell phone, magnesium fire starter with 10' of fully stranded 550 paracord as a fob - tied in a catapillar chain sinnet, my KA-Bar Agama folder, my mil-spec silicone ear plugs (olive drab case - never know when you may want hearng protection), a 12 LED flashlight, my "swiss army style" multi-purpose knife, my mini multi screwdriver - the blue and silver tube (contains flat tip, phillips, and star head screw drivers), and my leatherman squirt. Behind the pouch in another nylon sleeve is my spare magazine for my Ruger.

    On my right side I carry my full frame Ruger P95. When I go places where open carry is frowned upon - which is to say anywhere off my private property, I wear a big hawaiian shirt or a nice jacket, depending, and it hides very nicely.

    These are items I EDC on my belt. Pockets are a separate post. As with anything, your milage may vary and the EDC you have may be different. This works for me. It gives me tools that I use daily, like knives and leatherman, or may need in an emergency like my magnisium fire starter and my Ruger with an extra magazine.

    Got preps?

    Prepare for the worst, pray for the best.
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