EDC in a non gun friendly area .

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by hank2222, May 23, 2011.

  1. hank2222

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    when i talked to someone about everyday carry in the city of Los angles and it allways get the one person who going to full carry no matter what ..

    so do you know someone like that no matter what they are going to be the one who will not follow the rules of keeping a low profile from there cloths to bumper stickers on there vehicle to everything between it seams ..
  2. tacmotusn

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    Well yes. Me for example. You want to explain the meaning of the second amendment for me, and why I should go unarmed in todays world? Read the newspapers. Do you consider the streets safe. Do you lock your doors at home. The world has changed greatly from when I was a child. Unlike many today who see something wrong going on, and turn away or worse yet breakout their phone to get a video of it, I will take action to stop it. I do not flaunt or brandish a gun, but having it available is comfort when you never know exactly what the unintended consequences might be.
  3. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    I have lived in Kalifornia, when required to do so by my military service. Their gun laws suck! I was happy to leave the state. Chances of a return trip are pretty low.
  4. thebastidge

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    Wasn't aware that there are rules. I know people have different takes on what is wiser or more convenient. I know people have different opinions on what is tasteful or more or less socially acceptable.

    But "rules" is going too far. We still live in a nominally free country. There are ways to legally carry even in most of the "unfriendly" territory. And nothing trumps your right to protect yourself. Not even unjust laws.
  5. hank2222

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    as i have tried to tell a couple of people down there stop standing out and go low profile is a whole lot better than standing out in a crowd sometimes..

    it seams to go into one ear and out the other with them

    there is a couple of guy's i see on a regular basis down in the area and they are a walking billboard for the 5.11 company because of the way they dress and drive a vehicle with alot of bumper stickers on it ..

    the local p.d and custom people along with the bangers in the area look at them..?
  6. wags_01

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    Yeah, my locale isn't very open carry friendly. In fact, the cops and the DA have demonstrated that they will go out of their way to make it a pain in your ass to open carry, from taking months to recover a confiscated firearm (carried legally, with the License to Carry on one's person no less) to prosecution for 'public disturbance' and refusing to cooperate with an officer. Basically, the cops have been "warning gun owners that they will be 'inconvenienced' if they carry unconcealed handguns in the city".

    After Altercation, Philadelphia Police Say They Won't Look the Other Way on Open-Carry Gun Owners - FoxNews.com

    Now, I have a lot of respect for most cops. The majority of them are just doing their jobs like you and me. However, due to the tightening budgets or decline in quality recruits or rushed training or whatever, I've run into more and more cops who simply don't know what the laws are.
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  7. hank2222

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    like you i live in a large urban area where the local police dept's are not very gun friendy and i dress the part of the area i'm from a local blue collar to suit and tie and dress shoes ..

    the only thing that i really carry on a everyday basis is my sling bag that holds my ipad and other things that i need for daily use and i keep my pistol and loaded mag hidden inside the car
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  8. BTPost

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    This is exactly why I have NO interest in living in ANY place like Philly PA..... Way to many people, with way to many personal issues, and way to much time on their hands. Recipe for problems, both small and LARGE..... ..... YMMV......
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  9. wags_01

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    Me and the Mrs. came to Philly for jobs, and we've always considered ourselves 'city folk'. But after four years, I'm getting a bit sick of living on a postage stamp.

    Regardless, I've got a pretty good lead on a job in northern New Mexico, so that issue might work itself out on its own.
  10. hank2222

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    the only time i ever had a person to say something to was a local cop name mike i see almost every day at the local greasy spoon and the only time he ever said something to me was when he picked up my sling bag on the counter ..the comment he said was nice a place to hide a knife as he handed me my bag where i placed on counter ..

    in the picture where you put you hand on the bottom of the bag and the top part is where is my knife is kept in a slot where i put in the sling attchment part of the bag

    i can pull the knife and have opened if i needed it
  11. thebastidge

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    This whole thread doesn't make much sense to me. Poeple have different levels of tolerance for inconvenience. What some see as an inconvenience (answering questions about open carry) others may see as an opportunity for political activism.

    Being lectured on the subject one way or the other is tiresome for anybody, however.

    For a fact-based contribution to this conversation, however, be aware that concealing a knife is illegal in most jurisdictions, and typically is NOT covered by a license to carry concealed pistols.

    For an opinions: planning to keep a firearm in your car while you are not there has more drawbacks than benefits. Theft is the biggest one. Second is the fact that if it's in the car and you are not, it does zero good for self-defense. Third, is the need to transfer to and from concealed carry, which has risk of both negligent discharge and causing alarm amongst the public. Finally, there is the absent-mindedness we can all become subject to, and forgetting it there when we should be positively securing it.

    Personally, I try not to leave a firearm unattended in a car. If I must go someplace where I am not legally allowed to carry, I leave it (out of sight) for short periods there. If I am not legally barred from carrying, I do not leave my firearm unattended.
  12. hank2222

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    here in ca you can legally carry a handgun or weapon in the car as long as you keep the weapon in one place and the magazine or ammo in another place..

    so my smart has a small compactment under the seat and another one next to me which i lock the pistol and ammo for it ..

    as far the knife goes it legal under Ca law i can carry ..so you have to learn to play by the rules of the area you live..

    i have a CCW for the state of Texas and Az but now it legal to carry concealed in AZ without the haveing a CCW anymore but CA does not have a reioprocity with anyone else ..so i legally can not carry there and you learn to play the game there .

    they also are not big on retired law enforcement carrying there also because of the socalled politcal climate down in the area where i'm liveing and working..

    yes they know about the federal law that makes it ok for retired police officers to carry any where in the US ..but they do not care if you a LEO from out of state because it play by there rules or do not come and vist or live here then or carry a weapon here inside the city limits in a CCW fashion

    most of the street level officers down in the diff depts down here do not have a problem with you carrying as a retired or out of state LEO but anyone above a rank of sergeant on the street level is going to try and jam you up with the whole thing of out your jurisdiction and the go ape sh--- over the fact that you carrying inside the city ..

    they will jam you up so fast that it will make your head spin down here in los angles and they are big on it ..belive me inless your big name star down here then it next to impossible to get a issused ccw permit from the sheriff even with LEO background it still hard to get one and belive me i have tried and i still waiting on the socalled background check to come back now for 18 months time frame ..

    but getting back to the subect at hand

    what started this thread was this group of guys down here on the docks and if you drove by there vehicles the have every pro gun group sticker on there vehicle along with a few sticker like i do not dail 911 or something along the lines of those type of stickers on there vehicles ..they also can not understand why there vehicles get stoped more than other peoples vehicles inside the docks areas and searched by the law enforcement

    so in a area where the gang bangers and cops of a few diff depts from city to federal are heavy partoling the area ..is not better to be a grey person than stand out ..

    plus given the fact that i do carry a weapon with me alot and have had my car seached a couple of times and never had a problem with the people who where doing the searching at the time because i played the game and fellowed the rules that the state layed out for moveing a weapon inside a vehicle when inside the state boundry's
  13. Falcon15

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    IF you live in a state with restrictive laws, vote with your feet. Move. Get a job elsewhere, somewhere the laws are less restrictive on your personal freedoms. I moved from New Yawk to Texas. Got my CHL and I am happy with the laws here, for the most part. Other than that don't preach about how your state sucks, or you think people are stupid, they are. That's a given. A person is smart, people are stupid.

    If it is an inconvenience to you to follow the laws, or by following the laws (like open carry in Philly) you are inconvenienced, and it irritates you...MOVE. Elsewhere.

    To paraphrase that sage and eminent wise man, Sam Kinnesson who spoke on world hunger-
    "You know what these are? These are laws. You know what these are going to be in 100 years? They're going to be the SAME &&$$#@ LAWS! MOVE WHERE THE LAWS ARE DIFFERENT!"
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  14. Witch Doctor 01

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    I have to travel to many areas that do not allow CCW in conjunction with my work... as a result i normally carry a cane... it works better than bare hands and with a reasonable closure rate i can generally do more damage faster than with a knife... i'm a disables vet so there is no question asked about using the cane....
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  15. hank2222

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    i love sam he was one of kind in my book i have alot of his work on dvd to watch ..he was my man ..

    my work contract with my company is up on Dec 31 2011 and they have the option to let me go and buy out the rest of the contract years or move me to Hawaii for my job..

    they have basically said at the last meeting we had in the same room that they are going to buy out my two remaining years on the contract because it cheaper to do so than move me lock stock and barrel to hawaii under my with contract with them .

    my kids are wanting me to move to the western part of NC and live on there land that they have there and act as a care taker & keep a eye on there places and they give me a acre sized lot for me to live on full time with me complete owning the land out right
  16. wags_01

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    Much easier said than done, especially nowadays where there aren't jobs anywhere.
  17. Falcon15

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    There are literally thousands of jobs everywhere. It is difficult, granted, but NEVER impossible. Depends on how badly you want out of a restrictive state, doesn't it?
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  18. hank2222

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    i'm contracted to work for these people for 4 years and i will not break my end without a very good reason to do and so far they have held up there end of the deal with everything that they say that will do and they have do that and i will keep my end up

    also the one only that gets me out of my deal with them is a full scale disaster where everything is destoryed and there is nothing left to return . then we part ways without regets on that subect ..

    it written into my contract with them that if the was a major disaster putting the area where i'm at out of business for more than 15 days then both parties are no longer under contract to each other provide the services for the company and both parties are allowed to quit there contract with each other and i paid right up intill the 15 day deadline is done deal if something does happen ..

    also i get a what is called a exta bonus with them once i have moved back home to help with the moveing bills up to $10,000.oo dollars to help with any movement bills .. ..

    that was written in by them because something happen out here and i could no longer do my job they felt it would not good for me to try and wait around to see any thing came of my job ..they have all said if something happen close the office and go home and then if we can still do business with the office somewhere else we call you and put you back to work ..

    it just not in the cards right now for me to move away from here ..so i have to play the game out here in ca ..
  19. Falcon15

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    Then play the hand you are dealt...FOR NOW. You can always get a job elsewhere, at the end of your contract, that pays your relocation. I see literally hundreds of them listed, every day. Not a single one of us can predict when a SHTF or TEOTWAWKI situation will happen. Pray for the best, prepare for the worst, plan for the future regardless.
  20. hank2222

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    belive me when i can get out of this state you going to see me with my pants down and mooning the state in a picture i will be posting on this website ..

    as i told my kid when we cross the Az border from ca you going to see me in a picture mooning the state of ca standing beside the sign you now leaveing the state of ca ..

    she told i'm going to get a ticket and i told they will have to come to Az or NC to get me to make me pay that ticket ..
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