EDC that is used, and not used

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  1. I was looking at all the stuff I was moving from my pockets etc to my new pants / shirt / belt that are part of my EDC (for noobs EDC = every day carry)

    I started putting things into a pile that I knew I would use during the next 24 hours: Cell , SAK, pipe n fire, keys,

    then put the things I might need and would definitely want in the next 24 hours. Flashlight, and small magnifying glass (eyes are not what they were); pad n pencil; small ceramic sharpener; some string / cordage; dew rag (actually that is probably gonna be used every day) etc.

    then I looked at my not likely to be used at all but should I need them they absolutely must be there: My 1911 and reloads and holster etc; handcuff key stashed in hidden place (hate to end up handcuffed and not able to get free); small digital recorder (evidence / memory / etc)

    I noticed a few things that did not fit in any of those piles and moved them to other places or such.

    I probably carry more stuff than a lot of people, and I have a "work belt" with tools for different chores around the place. (actually several of them for different jobs) that I put on and off. I have found a pistol belt / suspenders will hold a tool carrier for a lot of jobs.

    One of the constants on almost all of my tool belts is a set of vice grip needle nose plyers. (I need to think about this most useful of tools and see how I can better position it because come to think of it should TSHTF I may really want that as part of my EDC.) I don't really like multi tools beyond a SAK so plyers may fit into a similar belt holster or perhaps I can adapt it to my firearm carriers?

    Anyway I think it might be worth taking time to look at our current EDC and sorting it into piles and evaluating if we really want it as EDC or specialty carry like BOB or tool belt.

    I don't mind the "what is in your pockets right now?' posts and welcome seeing what others consider their EDC< and how they trim weight or their acceptance of the weight because of utility trade off.

    Anyhow just wanted to spark my own ideas off ya'll and perhaps get ya'll to sharing your thinking on what EDC means to you or what ya'll like to have and maybe how you evaluate if something stays in your EDC or not.

    (This kind of reminds me of how those ultra light backpackers are always trying to trim weight / get multiple uses out of stuff, but different , and in my mind more important since EDC is EDC.)

    Thanks for listening to my rambling of the day

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