electric self cocking repeating x-bow

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Witch Doctor 01, Jun 4, 2012.

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    I understand about the shooting. What I don't understand, if I have to bug-out, I want something with less weight, better portability, & does that thing take batteries that could take up the room needed for other things. I do not see the practacality of it in time of trouble. Although it looks like great fun for target practice or basic hunting. I wouldn't mind owening one.
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    It was placed here tounge in cheek for monkeys to see...
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    And with that.... Neat!

    "I designed and made this one as my Arthrutis worsened."

    I think I might be a tad quicker on my reloads, but not by much.

    Since SHTF came up, I own a compound x-bow. I would much rather have a recurve....simpler design.

    ETA: One of the comments from YouTube: "When he tells you to get off his lawn, you ****ing do it."[aiw]
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    Yeah nice I'd like to have that, probably ton of money tho which I dont have but point is it's nice. I have a basic bow I bought at a sporting store, it will do some damage but not compared to the $400-$1000 ones thats for sure but something is better than nothing.
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