Email alert when in hurricane/trop. storm cone of probability?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by SlowBro, Jul 18, 2013.

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    I know of a few services that will warn when I am in a tropical storm/hurricane watch, but this warning comes 48 hours before conditions begin. I want to be GONE by then, so I'd like to be alerted in case I forget to/cannot check the Weather Channel or something.

    Anyone know of a service which alerts you when you're within the cone of probability? That can be as much as five days' notice, which is far better.

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    Nope...none that I am aware of alert to the cone...mainly because it isn't an alert or warning. Tracking The Eye (IIRC) gives email alerts/sms alerts when something develops in the tropics and has a (free) app for your phone to keep you updated.

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    I'm a member of the local LEPC and get regular updates twice a day.... I'll see if I can get a link out to you...
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    Thanks, but I'm looking for email notification. If I just need to check a website every day I will, but what if I forget?
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    Found a compromise. I put this into
    tropical storm OR depression

    Then at the bottom there is a link to subscribe to new alerts. This will alert me whenever there's activity anywhere in the vicinity of the United States, so that I'll be sure to read updates every morning. It'll be noisier than a specific alert catered to my location but that's better than forgetting.
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