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    What are your favorite online resources/links to utilize in a time of emergency, to gather the best information for your needs. Here are a few that I use for my specific area:

    RSOE EDIS - - Event reports (Earthquakes, events, tropical storms, tsunamies and others)

    Outage Map

    U.S. Tsunami Warning Centers

    National Data Buoy Center


    Suspicious0bservers - Space Weather | Solar Activity | Weather | Earthquakes

    Broadcastify - Live Police, Fire, EMS, Aircraft, and Rail Audio Feeds
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    It seems as if there are no online resources available to utilize when I'm in the center of the emergency Yard Dart. So the Old Battery Operated Weather Band Radio has once again become my friend. Sorry if it's not in keeping with the theme.
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    Who said you had lost power or internet....slacker, back to the thread OP sir.
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    Do cell phone alerts count?
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    Sure, you use every resource you have until it ceases to be available.
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    Just a NOTE, here... Most NOAA Wx Transmitters have a small Battery backup... (about 2 days Max) and then they go silent.... Many are CoLocated with USCG HighSites, on, or near waterways... Inland, they are usually CoLocated with FAA EnRoute, or Wx Doppler Radar Sites.... If a Regional Power Outage happens, ALL of these sites go to Backup Power, and can maintain for 48 Hours, then it is Lights OUT.... Most State & Local .GOV Sites have less than 48 Hours of Backup Power, without getting Resupplied. This was one of the MAJOR Issues for 9/11 on Lower Manhattan, as well as during Katrina, and other GridLOss Events in the USA....
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