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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Tango3, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Tango3

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    Flipped on the tube after coffee and found the topic on fox was the threat of an emp attack. I'm still trying to find the references mentioned(wiki:emp and "one second after.com?"); but the guest talked about a 90% death rate anticipated after one year.[shtf]some of the wiki references mention a space based detonation over the center of the U.S. is enough to take down our grid.

    With rogues states like Iran, North Korea, pakistan seeking "the bomb" and a launch system to deliver it to orbit. A one bomb "soft"kill (attacking electrical infrastructure) seems to be possible.[peep] Theory being: we would do each other "in"in short order.[shtf]No electrical grid no fuel pumped either.no fuel no transportation., no big agriculture.

    Bears looking into...


    Now even if the u.s. is hit hard this way Siemans
    (Europe) should be able to supply replacement grid parts no?[dunno]
  2. SLugomist

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    Actually that would be a set back, but not a death nell. Fuel can be pumped with other sources of power. And what exactly isfriedin an emp attack. Some older vehicles would still run, thus couldpower generators for pumps. Wouldhave to replace a bunch of electrical stuff. So why not fill up iron mtn with those electronic parts or make sure we could replace them in short order.

    Main problems would be from the sheeple stampede freaking out. Hence military crowd control. Soon enough another country will be able to develop something that can challenge us. We can either make them friends now or work on developing a counter measure to it or attack them and isolate them to almost make it self fufilling.
    I don'tthink a onestrikewonder, although majorly disruptive couldendtheUSA. However if combined with a massive military strike (China or Russia, or Mexico) shortly thereafter, then it's much more likely that it'd get wild west fast.

    Rant off
  3. Tango3

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    From what I understand,like the infamous blackout inthe N.E, key components would fry and trip overloads , shifting loads into cascading failures and there are not enough transformers to replace the expected losses(thousands) building new components reqiuires functioning factories, and lead time. cars are the least important issue...we( you and me) don'thave the option of collecting and protecting grid replacement parts...All we can do is party like its 1860 and keep the loose cannons away from our loved ones.
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    Everyday there are more countries that can put a satellite in orbit ,this bothers me .
    If they can get one 300 miles above the states they can take out the biggest part of our country and most of Canada and about half of Mexico .
    If just one of the rouge nations gets a nuke they can buy a ride for it .

    I worry more about the direction the country is headed than I do about that ,if BHO gets everything he wants with gun control and removing the Constitution as a living document.
    Well that's off topic anyway, it would only take one to get the job done !!
  5. SLugomist

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    Well an action as stated in the topic would , I'm very certain, re-guarentee those rights, but that doesn't mean we want that.
  6. dragonfly

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    The EMP is not what frightens me........
    It's the crazies and loons that will be loosed in the process.
    I cannot even in my wildest nightmares, imagine the chaos and destruction they would bring down.
    So, I guess I'd better finish that old 318, and get er back in that old dodge van....
    Time to get things tidy'ed up !
  7. SLugomist

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    I think our armed forces could control that, as long as they weren't preoccupied with the mexican, and or the chinese army.
  8. ghrit

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    Posse comitatus violation. Better we police it ourselves. Far better, methinks, if the sheepdogs are let loose.
  9. SLugomist

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    Oh believe me, we will have to IMO, community watches for real this time around., but working with law enforcement and the army to keep some order, I personally don't know anyone in either, but you all probably do and if we don't work together we could lose it all. Just have to make sure that when its all done and over we all realize how keeping the constitution helped save our country through the 2nd.
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