End Times, coming soon !

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Nadja, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Nadja

    Nadja RIP 3-11-2013 Forum Leader

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  2. TnAndy

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    Anyone with half a brain can see what's coming down the road, so that only means Glenn is a halfwit.

    But he CAN pretty much cry on command....drama queen that he is.
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  3. Redneck Rebel

    Redneck Rebel Monkey++

    I used to love his radio show. 5 or 6 years ago it was interesting, mostly factual, and yet humorous as all get out. Then CNN came along and his head swelled up to proportions his feeble mind could not handle and he went full 'tard.
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  4. Nadja

    Nadja RIP 3-11-2013 Forum Leader

    I wouldn't be so quick to dis credit him. Most of his predictions do come true. He has quite a few staff researching just about everything and that's how he puts it together
  5. Seawolf1090

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    Glenn, Alex, Rush - different faces of the same thing. They do make a valid point early on, then get excited and go off into la-la land. If they'd stick to the matter at hand, and avoid the sensationalizing, they wouldn't lose so many listeners and viewers. And they ALL three have the exact same show - different voice and time, but almost the same danged script......
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  6. chelloveck

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    Shock jocks appeal to and compete for the same demographic

    Shock jocks appeal to and compete for the same demographic, so it's no surprise that they all seem to be clones of each other...the only way that they have to differentiate themselves from other look-alike commentators is the outrageousness of their rhetoric. But as they say...even a blind chicken will sometimes catch a worm.
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  7. Tikka

    Tikka Monkey+++

    All of the conservative show hosts get information none of us would ever know if it wasn't for them.

    Do I listen, I sure do. I will continue to listen as long as the "drive by media" continues to push their agenda instead of the news.

    None of them do anything stellar except have information I want; past that, I can't stand most of them. :D
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  8. Dogfood

    Dogfood Monkey+++

    My problem with Glenn and Rush is they keep going with the left vs right BS there is no left vs right all the clowns in DC are on the same team. It only makes you think you are part of the system. It's them vs us. Glenn and Rush are both neocons and think if we just get the right people in government this can be fixed.

    It has never happened and never will no matter who gets in office you lose more rights and they gain more power. Alex Jones is a libertarian no left or right.
    He talk about a lot of crazy stuff a good bit I'm not convinced of. Anyone that thinks the government will ever give up any of their power or give you back rights is in a dream world.
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  9. powerglide

    powerglide Monkey

    Politics is like the Bible.Decide for yourself and if it's wrong, you've still led a good life anyhow.
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  10. Wolfgang2000

    Wolfgang2000 Monkey++

    I've been watching Glen since he started Fox. He is a lot better on his own network. GBTV. It's a Internet network. I don't find he pushing right against left. He's more of a libertarian. He is a capitalist just like the rest of us. He does things to make money. I don't understand why some people use that to criticize him.

    I understand different people like different things. So if you don't like him, cool. IMO what I paid to watch his internet show was worth every penny.
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  11. Dogfood

    Dogfood Monkey+++

    I was a fan of his radio for about 7 years. He is not by any means a libertarian he clams to a libertarian at heart but he is not. I don't care how much money he makes. His show can be good entertainment if you like it.
  12. Tikka

    Tikka Monkey+++

    Politics means you know they're lying when their lips are moving.
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  13. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    I am a capitalist and I like to make money. I'd be wary, though, of capitalists who make money by saying things that others want to hear and growing their returns by catering to a following. In this scenario, the money can blur the truth; at worst case, it can replace it.

    Would someone who makes 25ish million a year risk saying anything that might jeopardize their listernership and network advertisers?
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  14. ColtCarbine

    ColtCarbine Monkey+++ Founding Member

    If his predictions are correct and we are going to be invaded from our southern border, some of you guys might want to move a little farther north while you have the chance. Especially those of you that live on land Mexico wants back. Just sayin.
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  15. Seawolf1090

    Seawolf1090 Retired Curmudgeonly IT Monkey Founding Member

    His 'predictions' are most often simply common sense for those willing to look 'out there' and see what's coming.
    His worst problem is having the two 'Bobsey Twins' as sidekicks to drum up laughs (on his radio show at least)..... makes him look like he wants to be a stand-up comic more than a serious 'news' guy.
    Admittedly, I have NOT tuned into 'GBTV' on the Net. I wouldn't watch it enough to justify the cost, little as it is.
    I do applaud him for getting out of the Big City, and practicing a little of what he preaches on preparing for the coming troubles.
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  16. hedger

    hedger Monkey+

    I watched the video of Glenn Beck detailing what he feels is inevitable.

    There is a challenge for that prediction: It could happen just as he details IF NOTHING CHANGES, in the meantime.

    This, curiously enough, is exactly the same misconception that is made over and over again by ideologically liberal economists in their predictions of how an economy will be after (for example) a higher tax is imposed.

    The assumption of said liberal economists is that our economy is static (unchanging). However, the reality is that when people see a new tax being imposed, they change their behavior in order to avoid the perceived penalty of the higher taxes. In other words, our economy is DYNAMIC not static. Thus, we have liberal economists professing that they do not understand how the economy could not be producing the tax revenues that they predicted. Since their first prediction was off (and they still want that additional tax revenue) they figure that all they have to do is to impose a still higher tax.

    But that turns out to cause still more changes in the behavior of taxpayers.

    As for Glenn Beck's dire predictions, they are at least several months away AND they involve the demise of several nation states prior to an impact upon the good old USA. Despite the persistently bad decisions of those (mostly) Western European nations, they will vigorously fight against further declines in their fortunes. Some may ultimately succumb to the fate outlined by Glenn Beck but surely not all of them. In my estimation, such a disastrous (Glenn Beck) outcome would require a total collapse of Western Europe.

    When Glenn Beck has focused upon events solely within the confines of the USA , he is often without peer in his astute predictions. This time, I believe he has strayed a bit too far.

    If we have the total collapse of Western Europe prior to or close to the US elections in November 2012, I may be incorrect. However, if we make it past the 2012 elections without such events, then I believe we will not have a cascading collapse as Glenn Beck has predicted.

    Again, we are observing a dynamic scenario and many things can affect the outcome, as each nation state acts in its own best interest. This will be interesting.
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  17. fedorthedog

    fedorthedog Monkey+++

    He is also the lone (or most seen) spokesmen for people who don't feel things are going to be alright. They slammed the people who warned about Stalin, because it went against their beliefs, but a belief does not necessarily reflect reality.
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  18. Tikka

    Tikka Monkey+++

    I doubt anyone feels "things are going right." How far things actually end up going is another question.

    I see rising costs of food and energy. Taxes will be raised to pay off the deficit etc.
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  19. Wolfgang2000

    Wolfgang2000 Monkey++

    Wait, we have a estimated 40 million illegals in this country, Sings at national land reserves tell US citizens to stay out because it's not safe, because of illegals, and they are reporting Mexican drug cartel tactics in the North east of this country, AND WE ARE NOT ALREADY BEING INVADED?
  20. larryinalabama

    larryinalabama Monkey++

    One thing us monkeys Im sure can agree on is that the Socilism in the western is a utter failure and will collepese many nations.

    One of Americas biggest problems is the estabilishment giong against the commom worker. Nearly the whole building industry is now using illegal workers, and decient factory jobs have moved overseas. Bottom line is there is simply not enough of the population that actually produce something.
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