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    "Environmental groups were thrilled by the ruling."

    Thus the essential problem. The EPA is controlled by the Enviro-wackos. Get the Green Weenies out of the equation, out of Government, and we can make some progress. These 'special interest groups' are killing us technologically.
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    I guess we will run this nation on a few wind mills and solar panels huh? What a way to run a super power! It will be great I'm sure.
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    The Green Revolution is a 'smoke&mirrors' show for the gullible masses. We are a good thirty years from making any 'alternate power' a viable nationwide system. It needs vast infrastructure and a LOT of investment up front - that is NOT being done. Oil is still too cheap. By the time oil becomes too expensive to use, we will be left with too little, too late.
    We need to have solar and wind power system produced HERE, now! We must not depend on the good grace's of China and other natons to supply our power equipment needs. That is madness. :rolleyes:
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    Wonder how the little green bowtie dude got there...??
    Betcha he did'nt walk...just saying..
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