Er, you need to be able to carry that BOB

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  1. VisuTrac

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    Holy Crap. My buddy just brought over and showed me his new BOB.

    Looks like a large canvas duffel bag that has been moded.

    about 3 feet tall, pair of shoulder straps (barely padded) and has two smaller zippered duffles attached to the side. It kind of remind me of the space shuttle with external boosters.

    He dragged that into the house. Literally. It weights over 100 lbs.

    I mean it looks like it could survive anything from hail,fire,tornado (just due to weight) and some small arms fire

    the some of the basics were in there shelter, water and food. plus a pup tent, ax, saw, shovel, fishing gear, disassembled AR, 10 loaded mags, knifes (to many to count), 2 pistols with 3 mags each, cook set, micro stove, water bottles, machette, cans of beans and cans of salmon

    missing were:
    a way to light a fire
    a way to open the cans easily (could use ax and knife i guess)
    gear for wet or cold
    extra clothes (at least socks)
    meds (he has HBP)
    first aid stuff.

    I asked him how far he was planning on lugging the bob into the bush. He said a few miles. I suggested he might make it a few hundred yards. He wouldn't let me take a pic of it :(

    I sent him to watch Broker's BOB YouTube vid as a place to start.

    I was able to get the pack on. Man was that uncomfortable. I'd probably only want to take it from the car into the house. much further I need to see my chiropractor.
  2. cool hand luke

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    weird, I guess it depends on what you mean by bug out bag.

    lots of people I talk to mean it to be a bag that is kept packed and ready to throw in the car. if that's the case, no biggy. I've never thought of it as a "bug out backpack".
    are most of yall planning on getting out on foot? or going somewhere and dumping the vehicle? if that's the case then everyone should forget the "bag" and just get a good expedition style backpack. You can carry way heavier loads with those than a bag.
  3. VisuTrac

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    for me it's BOBs multiple. most of mine are for getting back to home from where ever. contents depend on distance i must go, and anticipated time it will take to get there.

    from home to work, small backpack with essentials. 3600 calories, water, space blankets, fire making supplies, first aid, dry clothes, couple of knives. small fish kit. some money. boonie hat and thin leather gloves 6#

    say within 100 miles of home, same as above but more water,calories and additional money. cordage and a thin tarp 10#

    going to visit friend in TN. bigger bag, same as above but more money, more dry clothes, meds, small trauma kit. concealable knives, well worn jacket, good boots and tactical gloves, maybe a baton. about 15k calories. Possibly a gun if my visit is recreational as opposed to mostly business. Plus the car has a Fixit kit in the trunk to address a bunch of issues. Kit to patch Tires,Oil Pan, Radiator, Hoses. 20-30#

    Further than 400 miles, it would depend on terrain, climate, and society at the time. My BOBs are not for getting deep into the woods. Just for getting me out of sight moving home. I want to look unremarkable or standout. Humping something more than a back pack a student would be carrying might attract unwanted attention in my book. No Camo or bright colors for me. Black,dk blue.


    For me it's all about getting home to my family. If is a SHTF scenario, they are not going to come looking for me. It's my responsibility to get to them.

    If it's truly a Get out of dodge, those are the black,blue,red and green bags in the 2 lockers that get tossed into the back of the SUV or Pickup truck. Back up to the house, put the big hardigg case in the back. After those are in the vehicle, then it's just a matter of counting butts in seats. turn key and roll.
  4. Brokor

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    Yeah, I always have a tough time trying to explain things to people in person when it comes to offering advice for "bugging out". The most important thing to remember, is that everything must be modular or easily compartmentalized so that you can strip off weight if needed. Most folks can't stick to the basics, and the only way to know what they are for certain is to head outdoors and camp with it, use it. At the end of the trip, you should know which items you used and which were never even thought of. Out of those items which weren't used, you then have to consider ditching them. Nothing is worse than carrying around useless "stuff" just because you "might" need it. ;) (first aid an exception)

    Thanks for watching my videos and for recommending them!
  5. helmetmike

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    Here is my approach for carrying that heavy BoB. Since I'm 62, have COPD, and not in very good shape, I have a tricycle kids stroller (the jogging type) that I keep in my truck along side of the BoB. It allows me to carry alot of gear and should I have to ditch it, I can easily strip down the bag to reduce weight. The stroller has proven to be quite durable. I use it at least once a week to carry my range bag which is not light. Saves my back and helps keep me breathing easy. The large diameter pneumatic tires allow for some mild "off road" so the buggy is quite versitile.
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  6. RustyNail

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    Love the ingenuity. I have 2 little ones (1.5 & 3.5) I have the double stroller for them and back packs for me and the wife. Anything to keep me rolling (pun intended) and moving faster is better for me.
  7. sarawolf

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    I picked up some backpacks that work well for dh and I. One never knows when the car or truck will be of no use and we will have to hoof it.
    I wanted to make sure we had something with padded shoulders could hook at the waist etc just in case.
  8. -06

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    We have several "degrees" of BOBs. Our first is designed for @ 3 days away from or enroute back home. Second is more indepth and prepped for @ 3-4 weeks of survival. Third are our Aluminum shipping containers of a virtual home which can keep us in a BO condition indefinately. They contain everything but our food stores(which are easily transportable), ammo, shooters, and current pantry goodies. We keep several flip top containers empty so we can "sweep" our kitchen and other needed items. I do not plan on ever using them except in a very extreme emergency. We are set to bug in and even help support others briefly. Hopefully none of us will ever have to flee our homes but if you do then do not become a refugee. Have a close by BO location and alternatives. Have evac routes to said sites and if possible cached items waiting on you.
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  9. Ajax

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    Whats a good size for a BOB, three day to get you home or in case of dire emergency and thats all you can grab on the way out? I looked at a 2900 cubic inch bag today and it was a nice bag nut don't think it would be big enough.

    On the other hand if you are getting back home then having a huge week long camping back back on might make you a bit more of a target.
  10. Brokor

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    Essentially, lighter is better. Only you can determine the final result. If you haven't read "Bug Out Remedies" yet, it's in the downloads section. It might give you some ideas.
  11. Ajax

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    Thank's I'll check that out.
  12. nfoot

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    I carry a light 3 day bob in my car also keep a few other bits and pieces in the boot
  13. Seawolf1090

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    I'm kinda like Helmetmike - but without the COPD. Still, no way am I carrying a ton of 'essentials' very far.......
    I either take the KLR, or the mountainbike - both equipped for extended cargo loads. The wee VC carried massive loads by bike! I also don't figure to go far. If the homestead ain't about to be flattened by a Katrina-level event, I stay in place.
  14. -06

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    You can build a very effective "Ho Chi Mihn" "truck" out of bike tires that will easily haul 5-600 lbs. I have one that doubles as my garden hauler and have a heavier set of wheels for a slightly more sturdy one. Will make it so two can pull or just one. The wheels/bearings are plenty heavy enough to be towed behind a motor cycle.
  15. Ajax

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    That's how I look at it. Unless I hav eno choice I would rather stay at home, I don't live in a bad area though so that helps.

    To me a BOB is mainly for if I am out and can't drive home for whatever reason or if something major is happening and i have to leave home quickly. At home, lie others said having several items you can load up in a vehicle is a good idea.
  16. Legion489

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    That BOB reminds me of the BOB the nut Marc Ridenour wrote up in Kurt Saxon's SURVIVOR (it might have been in one of the PMJB books, but I'm pretty sure it was in one of the SURVIVOR series of books - where he goes to the local tent maker and orders a HUGE backpack and then packs enough stuff into it to restart civilization. Marc wrote to Kurt CONSTANTLY and would call Kurt up to whine when Kurt didn't publish his rantings. I actually knew him and asked if he actually DID this as I weighed all the stuff he said he had packed up and it was over 350 lbs, or only about 150 lbs less than Marc did. As usual, the answer was no, he didn't do it, it was a "conceptual idea", meaning he never did ANY of the stuff he wrote about, or claimed to have done. I actually met him when I had a leg in a cast and nearly killed him walking two blocks. I was talking and noticed I didn't hear him gasping and wheezing and looked back, he as about half a block back laying on the sidewalk! He claimed I looked tired and was giving ME a break by passing out after that block and half walk!

    For REAL info done by people who ACTUALLY "went and done", I recommend the INDEPENDENT AMERICAN MAG sold by The best $10 you could spend! REAL info, not wannabe conceptual crap.
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